President Obama Stresses Team Mentality: ‘We Are Americans First’ | NBC News

The day after Election Day, following Hillary Clinton’s loss, President Obama says we need a sense of unity and inclusion.
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President Obama Stresses Team Mentality: ‘We Are Americans First’ | NBC News




26 thoughts on “President Obama Stresses Team Mentality: ‘We Are Americans First’ | NBC News”

  1. you all need to start talking about the Wikileaks #podestaemails stop covering for Hillary TELL THE TRUTH she has 5 investigations going on as we speak into her "shady affairs " lets talk about that .People are protesting and burning flags BEcause you have lied ,manipulated & withheld thee TRUTH from them !!!

  2. This was a great speech, but look at this timeline…

    1) He became President with a Democrat-majority Congress.

    2) After 2 years of nothing being done, he lost the House to the GOP and they made his life hard. Obamacare gets passed without Congress' approval.

    3) He wins re-election with a divided Congress.

    4) 2 years later, he loses the Senate to the GOP and even less gets done. Obama pushes a bunch of executive orders.

    5) His Democrat successor loses the White House to a "Republican", the House gets more GOP representatives, the Senate remains GOP majority, and the Supreme Court will remain conservative.

    6) He got shellacked throughout his presidency and his legacy of Obamacare looks grim. His claim to fame 100 years from now will be that he was the first black president.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, EVERY HONEST PERSON ON THE PLANET, EVERYONE!!! THE WORLD ESCAPED THE WORLD WAR 3!!! We did not allow the war monger and mass-murderer to get to power!! THANK YOU, honest and thinking Americans, for voting for Trump!!!! LOVE FROM RUSSIA!!

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