How to Choose a Headhunting Company

If you are looking to join a headhunting company, perhaps you can look at some of the things you need to pay attention to before accepting the offer.

  • The Brand of the Company – Obviously, the situation is that when you join a branded headhunting company, you will have a much easier life in terms of getting clients and candidates compared to other headhunting company that are much unknown in the market.
  • The offer – How realistic are the salary offer, are there any commissions or OTE (On target earnings) or any perks that will motivate you to excel in this role, always remember that being a headhunter is actually a sales role, the more you close, the more you will earn.
  • The potential industry – If the headhunting company you are joining are in an industry that is dying or has not potential at all, I would strongly advise you not to take up the offer, even if the package is so good.
  • The staff strength – Do you like to work in a boutique headhunting company or a large multinational headhunting company that has many divisions, ask yourself whether personally what you really prefer.
  • The environment – If you do not feel confortable being in the office of the headhunting company, very likely you will not feel good working there too. NEXT….
  • The immediate superior – Very likely you will be interviwed by the immediate superior, do you have rapport with him/her? What is the style of managing the people? Do you feel good talking with him/her?

Well, these are some of the consideration before you even accept any offer from the headhunting company….

Good luck.

Regards – Dougles Chan, The Recruitment Guru, Mentoring Success in Headhunting Industry.



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