Finding headhunter to join a headhunting firm is not too easy, finding a GOOD headhunter is definitely a real challenge for many headhunting firms. Many of them will takes many months to actually get good headhunters to join them as the supply are not many  out there. Sadly majority of them do not even able to find anyone!

However, you can use the various techniques and strategies to make you and yourself to have a better chances to attract the right headhunters to your firm, here they are:

Using the Right Medium:

Many headhunting firm actually advertise aggressively using job portals, without really filtering them carefully, many results in a great disappointment and a total wastage of time and effort, If you are looking for good Singapore headhunter, you can try Monster Singapore database search, if you are a potential new client, you can request for a free 1 month subscription, many of the salesperson will be willing to provide you with the free subscription, if the Singapore salesperson are not willing, try the salesperson in India, they will be more willing to do so. In fact there are 2 groups of sales team, one in Singapore and the other in India, it looks strange but that is how things work at Monster.

Using Google Adword: Surprising, many top level headhunting companies are not using this avenue to attract potential headhunter in this area, you will be able to reach out to many potential candidates from this avenue. If you do not know how to do so, give me a note at I be glad to help you.

Asking good questions: What industry are you focusing on? What medium allows you to have more exposures to the correct candidates? Ask this questions,focus on it and come out with 20 possible answers, likely you will be able to find a good solution.

Positioning of Company: Is your website good enough compared to the top few players in the market? If your brand, logo and tagline of the company makes people feel proud? Ask a few people about your company, obviously do not tell them that you belongs to this company, you might be able to have a few insights on how people perceive your company, from there you can do some changes to make it much better.

Make use of Google Natural Search – SEO: Make sure your website is ranked in the first page in many important keywords of your industry focus, not only you are able to get more clients, you can get more candidates for your clients and candidates to become your firm headhunters. If you need advises on this, give me a buzz.

Here you are, the strategies and methods to hire better headhunters.

Smile, its getting better everyday!

Regards – Dougles Chan, The Recruitment Guru.

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