staffing-agency-marketing-planWhether you are a new recruitment agency or one that has already existed in the market for a long time, perhaps you can refer to the simple marketing plan and strategies below, and maybe one or more of the strategies will be useful for you.

Note that all strategies will NOT be applicable to all recruitment agencies due to resource constraints, location constraints and other process constraints.

Marketing Plan and Strategies for Recruitment Agencies

Goal: To be the top service provider in an executive search (middle to high level)

Branding Utilize online and offline marketing and advertising platforms to cover all areas of the market. In the long run, at least 80% will be based on online branding and advertising, as most users will be moving to online.

Overall Plans 

Part 1 – Online Marketing

a) Search Engine Optimization – Utilization of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu as platforms for potential clients and candidates to search and allow your website to be listed on the first page. This will allow the name and brand to be positioned on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and other major search engines so that more relevant visitors can visit your website and know who you are and what you are doing. This will create more client inquiries and more candidates will send their resume to you.

b) Adwords Marketing – This is a PAY-PER-CLICK platform by Google that allows advertisements on Google’s front page. The advertiser will only pay based on “PER CLICK” by the user. Such advertising will create immediate traffic, branding, and awareness for the public.

c) Facebook Advertising – Similar to Adword Marketing, use Facebook as a different platform to reach a different market.

d) Twitter Marketing – Bring technology to another platform where it can reach other countries easily and provide an instant connection with clients and candidates. A special software is needed for such a marketing strategy.

e) Blog Marketing – Creating and generating news, articles, and reports that create awareness, in-depth knowledge, trustworthiness, and expertise. This will indirectly generate great traffic in the long run while also generating trust and reliability. New articles should be posted regularly, at least three times per week.

f) Facebook Fan Page – By creating a massive Fan Page count of at least 20,000–50,000 for the company, we will be able to generate interaction, updated information, and create trust and branding. g) Email Marketing – A traditional method to reach out to a huge number of clients with a minimum cost. This creates plenty of clients, candidates, and awareness.  A special software is needed. Suggested mailing size is about 500,000 – 1,000,000 per project.

h) Social Media and Bookmarking Explosive – By using third party personnel to generate interest, awareness, and activities in Google +, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, this will create plenty of noise in the social media platform and will have direct benefits in SEO, branding, Facebook Fan Page, etc.

i) Massive advertisements on job portals to generate resumes and public awareness and to lure in consultants to join our company. This can create more resumes, more clients, and benefits to SEO as well.

j) Write articles on HR-related issues and submit to a major newspaper, online major magazines, blogs, etc.

Offline Marketing

a) Organize free talks and workshops for existing HR personnel to improve their skills and ability. This allows the company to expose themselves to more HR personnel and in return, potentially generate more valuable job orders from the attendees.

b) Organize free talks and workshops on investing or other related topics that can increase the company sales or productivity. This allows the recruitment agency to meet the top management, Managing Director, CEO, COO, Operation director, etc. This will create good rapport and trust with the team.

c) Organize free talks on interview skills, personal grooming, CV writing, etc. for job seekers to generate awareness for candidates and to collect candidate resumes. Sometime candidates can become a great client!

d) Organize career talks on becoming a recruitment consultant / Executive Search Consultant for the company. This will allow more people to know the recruitment agency and perhaps you will be lucky to hire some great staff!

e) Attend business functions, conventions, events, exhibitions and other networking activities.

Recruitment Agency Marketing Strategies, written by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru. Contact Dougles @ for a one-to-one consultation on how to market your recruitment agency effectively. Dougles Chan is the author of Financial Success in Recruitment IndustryRecruitment Consultant Winning Formula & Job Seeker Power Manual. He is the advisor for recruitment agencies that want to market their companies to a higher level.



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