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Hard Facts Every Recruitment Agency Boss Doesn’t Want the Recruiters to Know

The journey of a recruitment consultant, which can be also known as a recruiter or even a headhunter is tough and I mean really tough.  I will not paint a beautiful picture for this colorful career and will not promise you that it is all bed of roses, because it will not be.

Your Role

You are a “high-end” production worker, your role is to produce the best sales results so that the manager will get a good over-ridding, and the boss will keep most of the profits. You will definitely work like SHIT, I mean really work like SHIT and people on top will very likely not appreciate your efforts. Yes they will reward you with commissions when you hit the targets given and the most probably you will be given a pat from the boss or the manager.

You will be given a career pathway where you will be promised a manager or assistant manager position when you hit a certain target within a specific number of years in the company. Most of the time, you will not reach the targets and will be asked to leave eventually.

You will move on to another company promising the company that you are able to hit a target when you have not even hit before, after 3 months, realising that your lies are not able to fulfil, you are ask to leave.

The Manager

The manager will squeeze you dry, have meetings with you almost every (Week/Day/Hours?) to ensure you will be able to hit the targets given by the boss. Monitoring all your job orders, candidates you are processing and ensure that you are always on your toes, or even toes nail?

The manager will train you for 2 days, go for appointments with you on several occasions and very likely you will be on your own after that because he said that you will only grow and become independent when you are alone…nothing is touch base on anything else, soft skills, technical skills, industry knowledge, you are on your own!

The Company

Training.. What training? No, it does not exist. Why would the company waste their time, efforts and money on you where they already believe that you will leave the company eventually in less than X months.

The company will set a KPI or target so that every dollar paid to you, you must yield many times in return! How’s that for a high-end production worker. Welcome to the real world my friend.

Benefits? Or course there are, it will goes according to the local labour law where usually you will be given the minimum so that they will not infringe the law.

Salary – Well, let’s face it, they will pay you the minimum and lowest commission available. During the initial interview they will always ask this question – What is your minimum expected salary? After you gave them the figure, they will push it further down to a level that you will cry. They also promises you that after X months, they will revised to the level you are looking for….which later it does not happen!

Commissions – They will change the percentage and pay-out date like changing clothes and by the time they changed the 3rd time, you will have already resigned. The commission you suppose to earn? The accounts personnel will not even know what percentage to give you because it became so messy! Few months later, you will have forgotten about the commissions and the boss will be using your commissions to eat in a fine dining restaurant ordering a medium rare steak with a bottle of Red Bordeaux – 1933 Vintage wine, together with his new girlfriend from ABC Model agency.

The Clients

Believe it or not, they love you, they really do….to a certain extend because they will give you the job orders very willingly without paying the company that you represent and ask you for more good candidates to recommend to them. However, most of them will be throwing their job orders to as many agencies available as possible without even checking whether the agencies is able to do the job. At the end of the day, you will be wasting most of your time and close very few cases and most of the time the clients job orders will be closed without you knowing.

The Candidates

Some candidates will not like you because of the bad experiences they had with other recruiters and agencies. And you will be talking to so many candidates that sometime you cannot remember who is who….The candidates will also send their resume to so many agencies and companies so that they can land themselves a job with the highest pay. The candidates will also occasionally play you out and not turn up for scheduled interviews without even informing you and sometime they will resign abruptly without even telling you. My friend, this is the real world.

Turning The Table Around and Fight Back!

You are on your own, my friend. Here’s what you can do to fight back

  1. Depends on no one, not your manager or boss, only yourself. Trust only YOURSELF.
  2. Read a lot, research a lot and do your homework.
  3. For skills, you will need to practice, practice and more practice…get a mentor to help you if possible.
  4. Build your clients and make sure they LOVE you.
  5. Treat your candidates as though they are your loved family members.
  6. Keep all your clients and candidates contacts in excel format, save them in Dropbox. make sure you backup the data.
  7. Save up your cash, keep them well and tight, you will need them later.
  8. Visit every exhibitions, trade show, networking events you can, collect as many business card as possible and make sure you give out as many business card as possible.
  9. Get to know as many high “Value” clients and candidates as possible.
  10. Commit at least 30 minutes or more per day to improve yourself.
  11. Remember this equation, the 5 most closest friends you mixed with and basing on their total income, divide them by 5, that will be roughly your average income. That is to say that your income equates to the people that mixed with.
  12. Focus on what you do best, remember that you time is limited, delegate certain jobs to other people who can do it better than you.
  13. Focus on the industry or functions that you are really good in doing.
  14. Last but not least, remember that there is only ONE boss, under normal situation, you will not replace him unless you work for 20-30 years but that does not guarantees anything. Working for others will able to feed you and your family, that’s all. If you want to have a break thorough, you need to be on your own, you need to be your own BOSS.

Disclaimer – Due to the sensitive nature of the information above, all information written above are for “entertainment” only, kindly read it with an open heart. 😉



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