1. Think this was fantastic. Have been struggling with my cv for so long and am going into work properly so I need to get one done. Never written a cover letter so even though it was short I know what to write and can get one done. Thank you so much, it was very informative and I now feel confident enough to write a cv ­čÖé Thanks dude´╗┐

  2. Hi Graham,

    This is very interesting information. Looking at a cv from the perspective of the recruiting manager's viewpoint is the golden nugget, even though common sensical but so easy to miss.

    I appreciate the effort you have taken in making this information, rather knowledge availalbe for one and all without any cost. Thank you!

    I have a question on how does one show sabbaticals, voluntary or forced. My wife moved to australia a year ago, just after I got married to her. She didn't wanna live alone in a new country, so i migrated from my country to australia and left my Project manager job. The work rights for me came after a year of relocation and i haven't been working all this while as i wasn't allowed up until now. Now i am looking for opportunities.

    How to show these gaps in the CV. Also should we say anything about these in the cover letter…?

    Kind Regards.´╗┐

  3. Thank you Mark from USA, have not done this for 30 years (age55) . ? Had worked in auto industry for 21years at different dealers, can you just list industry and manager titles without each store; to shorten list?
    Thank You´╗┐

  4. Thanks for that very helpful. Is it two pages or both sides of a page of A4 to do a CV? Would you include an age? And finally I have collected ' To whom it concerns' type of references in my portfolio. Where should I place these in my portfolio and are they valuable in the eyes of a new employer? Thank you for any help :-)´╗┐

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