1. Hey. 6 months is a lot of experience. Think how much that gives you in comparison with someone who has not done anything? Also, what other skills you have? What benefits can you bring to a potential employer? I'm sure there's plenty. Ask your friend and family what they think you are really good at ;-)

  2. Thanks for this video.. i follow videos ..your videos are very good..
    i want to ask u what should i put in my profile description as a fresher..
    i don't have any work experience .. i have just done a 6 months internship & my graduation..

  3. @DCSeanTaylor21 Everybody has achievements. Getting a job is an achievement. If you did not have any, you would be fired long time ago. You need to identify them. Ask your colleagues what they think you do well and are good at. If you're not very excited about your job, you need to change careers. Now go and to the work – creating a good CV requires some effort ;-)

  4. @MegaDarkness69

    If you want to impress the recruiter, you can let him know that this was specially done was him by placing the name of the company at the top. Personal touch always wins with generic CV.

    However, if you plan to apply to many companies or don't know their names in advance, your name will do. Also, you can place the position you apply for at the top, and then your name, e.g. :
    Sugar Industry Marketing Specialist
    John Travolta

    I hope that help.
    Kamil K.

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