BA Interview Workshop – Business Analyst Interview Questions (Video 5 of 6)

Business Analyst Interview Questions from a former business analyst recruiter. – This Work Shop video goes over some business analyst interview questions, discussions, and complete answers that you must know to ace your business analyst interview.

In this video, I will be walking through some BA interview questions that you will be asked. All of these questions, discussions and sample answers are taken from my business analyst prep course, Cracking the Business Analyst Interview Prep-Course and more detailed information can be found there.

Before we get to the first question, let me just tell you how I like to structure these. I will first tell you the business analyst interview question, followed by a discussion clearly explaining what the interviewer is looking and finally I will provide you with an actual answer to the interview question. This should really allow you to grasp an understanding of the interview question you will be asked.

One thing I absolutely hated when I was trying to prepare for my interviews was when so called experts said “do this, and do that” but they never showed you the “how”. It drove me absolutely insane. It’s like telling a starving person the importance of fishing, and why eating fish will help his hunger problems. But not showing the poor guy how to fish. You will see in my book, my business analyst prep-course and my training videos, I provide you the complete information. In this case, the interview question, a discussion of what the interviewer is looking for and an example of what to say to ensure that you are hitting the interviewers check marks across the board.

By Andy Hart
Author, Cracking the Business Analyst Interview

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