Having a Niche in The Manpower Business

Manpower business is very competitive in Singapore and many other countries and apparently many business players are apparently very “specialised” in EVERY industry and EVERY function and they will take on whatever business that are presented to them.
Many a time, the manpower consultant will have very few clients and at such do not have the privileges to “Choose” who they want to service and of course with very few clients, they are not have the facilities to find a Niche in their business.
If you are not able find a niche in the manpower business, you will be like one of the over 10,000 recruitment agents out there in Singapore and when that happens, the client can SPAM the job order to as many agents as possible to make their own quota to be fulfilled. This is what we call Market Tumour.
What are the advantages when you have a certain Niche in the market in term of functions or industry?
1)      You will position yourself out of the normal agents out there and hence reducing the chance of clients SPAMMING their job orders to many agencies.
2)      You will make yourself look more specialised and professional and hence will receive more respects and attention from the clients.
3)      You will have synergy effect as the candidates you have will have contacted may possibility match more than 2 clients or more if you are having a fair number of job orders.
4)      The clients that you contacted may become your candidates when they are looking out for more opportunities.
5)      The candidates may become your clients within the same industry too.
6)      There will be lesser competition from the manpower industry as when you niche yourself, it will require more effort and focus. Not many agents are willing to go the extra effort though.
7)      The clients will tend not to press your price lower compared if there are many vendors available.
8)      Generally you will be able to charge more fees if you are in a specialised industry that not many people are doing.
There are tonnes of benefits and advantages when you specialised and have a certain niche. Remember that specialisation means that you focus on ONE area only and if you want to specialised in Legal and Oil and Gas, that is not a niche. Specialization means you only choose ONE and not TWO….
Last thing to take note, being specialised is great but you must really go all the way to do your part and do your best to become specialised. A specialised agent who is just around average is the same as any other agent who is not specialised. The key is to become extremely good in your specialised field so that you will become better than those around average level within the same industry.
Happy Niching!
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