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How to start a recruitment business startup recruitment book is now for sale on amazon go to link at my estore at: copy and paste into new browser. Starting a recruitment agency can be a large outlay when starting a business in recruitment. My book called how to start a recruitment business takes you through steps needed to help you start a home based recruitment or office. Recruitment Agency Tips together with policies and templates needed to startup recruitment. The how to start a recruitment business pages 165 pages packed with How to run a recruitment agency. Before you spend on starting a recruiting business think about the level of commitment and time needed in starting a recruitment company. Think about the startup cost to running your own recruitment business. Recruitment agency tips in a book.
Start a business at home with my book titled How to start a recruitment business . Deciding to start a recruitment business can be a costly experience. Before you decide to invest in any recruitment business take a look at my book which is currently for sale on amazon ISBN: 978-1482657425.

This is an operational manual on how to setup a recruitment agency. Covers sample templates needed to start a recruitment agency. I am a company in the UK providing this business opportunity for people with no previous sales or recruitment experience to experienced consultants enabling them to set up and run their very own recruitment agency. I will provide you with all the knowledge and systems you need to run a profitable recruitment business. You will personally be trained me Christine Blackledge, I have over 20 years extensive experience of the recruitment industry and has worked at Director and Senior Management level. I have contracted with companies such Nottingham County Council, West Sussex County Council, Manpower, NHS, Brighton College of Technology and Chichester College, and various recruitment and care companies across the North and South of England. I trained staff at NHS Hospitals, Residential Homes and Nursing Homes across the South of England as a lecturer and distance learning tutor. I also set up a training school which had registration with City & Guilds of London enabling her to teach National Vocational Qualifications. I helped to set up recruitment and staffing agencies and medical schools in the UK and the USA with license’s to ensure the standards are being met. I am also a licensed business development Consultant for Business’s across the UK and the USA and is currently running events on how to start a recruitment company. I am also studying Law with Business Degree. I will provide you with one-to-one training showing the exact steps you need to take to make your startup business a success.

Why start your own recruitment agency? The UK is one of the largest recruitment markets in the world and is rapidly growing since 1993 the recruitment industry turnover has increased from £4.8 billion to a staggering £24 billion. This is the perfect opportunity to start your own recruitment agency online. Earn yourself a substantial income from your own efforts. Be your own boss and have the freedom and flexibility to set up your own hours of work.

What solutions have you tried? Franchise can be costly and expensive for someone just starting out on running a recruitment business. Another solution could be approaching your bank manager, who may ask you to provide a personal grantor or they may have refused due to global economy. Maybe you have asked family and friends for help financially which could damage relationships. You remortgage your home putting your house at risk.

I can show you how with my system on How To Start A Recruitment Business. The book and my system will show what you will learn:

1. How to Start your own recruitment agency.

2. What equipment you will need.

3. How to source candidates for vacancies.

4. How to conduct business with organizations.

5. How to run a Temp,Permanent Agency.

6. How to use advertising for building a data base to source candidates and organizations.

7. What fees to charge and introduce them to potential clients.

8. How to use the internet to recruit staff.

9. How to conduct Job interviews for candidates.

10. How to place candidates fast.

You will receive my free gift of 30 video tips to get you started. Buy my book today before you buy any recruitment startup services or recruitment resources.
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