How Many Marketing Strategies Should You Utilise In Your Recruitment Business

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Well, I would always say, have a minimum of three. Now some of the latest research data, would suggest that if you’re looking at how much money you should spend on your marketing, it should be 10% of your turnover.

So what would I suggest then? Well what I’m going to do is share with you some of the key marketing strategies that are known to work and work really well in recruitment as well where I would place my money.

The first one obviously is your online presence. So you know, you want to make sure that you have an online brand that is recognisable, that speaks into your market, that is better than your competitors. Now what does ‘better than’ mean? Well, if you have a look out there is still an awful lot of shoddy, cheap looking websites out there. That’s a nearly easy way to stand out, particularly in a market now that’s growing, well you need to brand yourself and stand out online.

Depending on the market that you are in, you need to have a really strong LinkedIn profile. If you are working in the manual sector of the temp sector, you know maybe Facebook might be something for you to consider. More Twitter as well and depending on the types of positions that you are recruiting into then I would strongly suggest you have a really strong presence on LinkedIn.

So you know, you’ve got to have that lucky triangle I would always say. You know, you’ve got your website and you’ve got your social media as an element. And then obviously you know you have LinkedIn, you have your blogs. So that’s really really important to do that.

What next? Well, the next channel that I would strongly consider in is email marketing and many recruiters do not email as much as they could. Often they’ll send out one email and that will be it. So one email, we said before “Don’t bother.” You know, have an email campaign. Have some form of email strategy. Keep in regular and consistent contact with your potential clients.

The next thing that I would always suggest that you do is you know, to actually focus on referral marketing. There is a super guy called Michael McLaughlin who is the consultant’s guru if you like. I follow Michael quite a lot and he did the guerrilla marketing book for consultants and he talks about the ideal thing that the holy grail that you should be heading for because you are recruitment consultants at the end of the day, is to have 60% referral.

And then what I would look at is I would look at your inbound marketing and your outbound marketing, have them combined together so that you are hopefully building a database of clients, or you have a database of clients. So there’s different ways of engaging with these. And because of all the sophisticated equipment that we all have now, we know the levels of engagement, we know lead scores and all these different people. And maybe you know, you send emails and then you find out that certain people are clicking your links more than anything else. Then what you could do is how about sending those a direct mail to engage them. So that’s a really sort of a cyclical thing. I call that blended marketing so that’s inbound and outbound marketing and I would always suggest that you have that as one of your marketing strategies.

The next one is good old paid advertising. You can switch it on and you can switch it off and it’s always worth testing. You know, the jury is out a little bent on LinkedIn adverts we’ve have some great results for clients and we’ve had some not so great results for clients. So that is just purely I think the way LinkedIn is working at the moment. And again think it’s very very much sector dependent. So how about paid per click advertising, banner advertising, all these ‘being in front of where your customer is’ is always going to be of value to you. And as we would always say test and measure it. So “All right, okay, I’m going to spend X amount here, let’s see what it brings in for us.”

And now the other thing obviously is tradeshows! Where do your market hang out? Is it worth going and taking a stand somewhere or just going along to one of these events and hanging out and just seeing who you might come across because you know, the power when you are in front of somebody can be quite significant as well.

So you know, Nina asked this question and I would say you’ve got to have a minimum of three. Never just go for one marketing strategy because you are incredibly vulnerable, incredibly incredibly vulnerable.

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