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How to Get More Job Order in the Recruitment Business

In a recruitment business, many people told me that getting job orders is tough, but I begged to differ, to me, getting job orders are actually very simple..


In the following article, I will share with your some basic strategies and mental conditioning to generate job order easily.

Here are the following:

1) Mentor Conditioning:

The best way is to mentally conditioned yourself to absolute certainty.

What I mean by absolute certainty is a situation where you have absolute confidence that you will DEFINITELY be able to close the sale when you see the client.

To do this you will need to work on the following:

Ensure you know ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about the product or service you are going to sell, including the competitors’ offering and packages.

2) Ask yourself what makes you so special that they must buy from you; list 50 reasons for it. Yes, squeeze out 50 valid reasons why the clients must really buy from you. If you cannot even list 5 of them, I strongly believe the product you are selling is nothing really special. People don’t buy things that have nothing special, and you will need to add that extra spice for the client to think it’s worth going for.

3) Filter, filter, and filter. Ensure that the potential prospects you are meeting are the ones that you believe are able to afford your services.

4) Sixty minutes before meeting the client, condition yourself mentally to win this job order. Rehearse it mentally for at least 30 minutes so that your brain tells you that you have the absolute certainty to get this deal done.

5) When you are talking to the client, talk to them with absolute confidence. Keep your chest up, look straight into their eyes, and use good body language and posture.  Remember that in communication, body language plays a very important part of the entire process.


6) Practice, practice, and practice your communication and presentation skills. Do it at least a few times per day, and talk to as many people as possible. Practise them in front of the mirror, use a video recording device such as your handphone to record how you do the presentation. Check out your own errors and mistakes.

To become a master of communication, you will need to practice at least 10,000 hours. Keep on doing it and never give up.

I wish you success in everything that you do. Cheers.

Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Mentor



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Dougles Chan - The Recruitment Guru

Dougles Chan - The Recruitment Guru

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