How to seduce candidates and disrupt your recruitment business – #RecHangout

How to seduce candidates and disrupt your recruitment business – #RecHangout

Joining us were the super stars Greg Savage AND Roy Ripper to share their insights and expert advice.

We discussed:

– The factors in the market driving a greater focus on candidates
– What recruiters need to do to ‘self-disrupt’ their businesses
– The recruiter risk of becoming “yesterdays hero”
– The five key areas of “recruiter change”
– Why candidate engagement is the future for the big winners in recruitment
– The difference between sourcing and seduction
– How technology can help ensure a great candidate experience
– What recruiters need to do to seduce the best passive talent at the right time
– How recruiters can ‘create’ a candidate
– The concept of the “unique candidate”
– The new recruitment metric that matters (SCR)
– Why recruiters need to be digital marketeers

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Supported by:

Google+ Host: Louis Welcomme, Marketing Exec at Colleague Software. For almost twenty years we’ve been driven by customer partnerships built on experience, knowledge and trust. Today Colleague is used by hundreds of specialist recruitment businesses who value software that is adaptable, efficient, relevant and easy to use.

Show Host: Alan Whitford, Abtech Partnership. Alan is a strategy consultant for Recruitment Challenges, Talent Acquisition, Candidate Experience, Employment Brand, Recruitment and Social Media.

Supporting Host: Mark Stephens. An established and highly regarded Recruitment Strategist, specialising in improving recruitment efficiencies through technology and process. Mark is the founder of Smart Recruit Online

Twitter Host (and writer of the Notes from the #Rechangout): Louise Triance of UK Recruiter. UK Recruiter is the go-to source for information and news on the UK recruitment industry and is the largest online community of recruiters in the UK and organiser of unique Directors Only events.




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