Recruiter TV – Episode 3 – Starting A Recruitment Company – How To Pitch Your Recruitment Business

How To Start A Recruitment Agency – Get prepared for recruiting success.

Here is my pitch, a couple of drafts, but still needs work.

“By 2020 40% of the UK labour market will work for themselves, almost everyone in this room is a great example of the shift.

6 years ago I started my own recruitment business, and quickly discovered even though I was a great recruiter – I knew very little about building a business and the challenges that existed were the main reasons why other great recruiters like me either remained employed, built terrible companies, weren’t as successful as they could be or the worse, they failed.

So I created Seriously Connected for recruiters to become self employed, a comprehensive platform of expert services needed for recruiting success – we support recruiters online and offline, from business set up, marketing, factoring, mentoring to their very own recruiter community.

In the last 3 months we doubled our customers, launched our new fully integrated website, defined our marketing strategy, and have guaranteed turnover this month exceeding the first 7 months of this year.

Exciting times ahead, our ambitions are to build a global recruitment business and inspire recruiters to independent recruiting success!”

This was my pitch, it will improve, but it sums up what we are doing for recruiters everywhere. It is hard to get a business off the ground, with our support and services you have the opportunity to super charge you chances of success.

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Or check out our website, & see how our recruiters are being supported, promoted and inspired to recruiting success.

We offer experienced recruiters the Opportunity to become an independent recruiter and be your own boss!

The way we work is changing rapidly; freelance, self-employed, work from home all possible for great recruiters with Seriously Connected.

Seriously Connected is a modern recruitment company focussed on empowering you. We set out on a mission to help recruiters escape agency life, as we hurtle towards the self-employed economy, Seriously Connected makes life easy for great recruiters who are thinking about starting a recruitment agency, or wondering how to start a recruitment agency.

Perfect for those who want to be a work from home recruiter, a virtual recruiter, an independent recruiter, being a Seriously Connected independent recruiter you recruit as you always have done with your clients and your candidates, you decide on your own assignments and negotiate your own fees, while we take care of the rest.

Our independent recruiters are attracting more candidates, earning more money and getting paid their fees before their clients have even paid. The ultimate solution for experienced recruiters.

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  1. Hello. I want to start my recruitment agency. I do not have prior industrial experience as a reruiter but I have worked at different companies. I am wondering as a new recruiter do I need to find candidates first and develop a database or do I need to get companies to let me recruit for their jobs first? In other words do I go to the clients telling them I have candidates or do I go to the candidates telling them I have jobs? Thank You

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