Recruitment Business Tips – Base Your Plan In 2014 On Facts

Hi! This is Sharon Newey with a recruitment marketing update. Now it’s been an absolute gorgeous day here in the Lake District. Blue skies, sunshine… Mr. Frosty was out this morning, absolutely beautiful! And as you can see probably from the trees behind me, that it is that time of year where that leaves are starting to change colour, they’re dropping and it’s all about, I guess, signalling the end of autumn and moving into winter.

And as we come to that time of the year, of course with a business point of view, it means that we’re coming towards the end, for many others, of our financial year or just kinda like the year in general. And so it’s thinking about 2014 and we’ve been having lots of conversations recently with prospective clients as well as our current clients thinking about people’s plans for 2014 and what lies ahead.

And before really we can get to that planning stage, a lot of our discussion has revolved around what progress has been made so far in 2013 – what are the key successes? And we’ve been looking at that very much from a data point of view. So if you are thinking about 2014 already, before you do that, think about what you’re gonna do in 2014. Make sure that you do spend some time reviewing your success from a data point of view in 2013.

So for example, it might be that if you do some simple reviews such as… if you took the sectors that you focus on, where does 80% of your business come from and which specific sectors? You can do it down to the next level of detail and think of all your clients. Which of your clients generate 80% of your turnover? You can look at it separately and think about which of your clients generate 80% of your profit. And when you do some of that simple basic analysis, hopefully you will find what some people have found where their revenue is coming from a very small number of fantastic clients and yet it does expose us as a business to be vulnerable to such a small number of really key clients.

So for 2014 you might be wanting to think about which lapsed clients or past clients do you want to the re-engage with or is it a case of looking at building some new clients? The market is starting to pick up and do you want to be able to capitalise on that? So before you start thinking about plans and what you can do for 2014, please do some simple analysis and know your numbers you can base your plan in 2014 on facts. That’s Sharon from Super Fast Recruitment with a recruitment marketing update. See you soon!




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