Visit us at ( A Recruitment CRM helps you to manage complete recruitment cycle in easier , cheaper and faster way. This video by Right Recruiters informs you about the features and benefits of CRM :

1. Posting job openings on various job portals directly from CRM

2. Easier and faster sourcing of candidates from job portals and social media platforms.

3. Easy communication with candidates informing them about job openings.

4. Easy sharing of candidate details with your reporting manager and easy feedback from the manager about shared candidates.

5. Easy sharing of candidate details with your client and receive his feedback.

6. Easily track and update status of the candidates on CRM like interview , rescheduling , further rounds etc. with automatic mail being sent to the candidate about interview details.

7. Easy sharing of candidate’s feedback after interview by the client which you can review on CRM and set the status of the candidate , also a mail will be sent to the candidate about his status automatically.

8. Easily track the status of joined candidates and generate invoice with your client through mail.

9. Search candidates within your database using basic and advanced search filters.

10. Easy management of your clients

11. Easy management of your recruiting team.

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