Start Your Business in 7 Days

Speaker(s): James Caan
Recorded on 13 March 2012 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

This event celebrates the publication of James Caan’s new book Start Your Business in 7 Days.

On Dragons’ Den, James Caan saw over 1,000 budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas from anything that ranged from the bizarre to the revolutionary. Having spent the past 30 years starting, building and growing businesses, James has become recognised as one of the UK’s most prominent experts on entrepreneurship. His talk will take you through the journey of an entrepreneur, the pathway to a successful business, but also the ability to recognise when an idea is not a business, potentially saving you the investment of valuable time and money.

James Caan is one of the UK’s most celebrated businessmen. Having built global multi-million pound recruitment companies, he now has a portfolio of over 30 businesses within his private equity firm, Hamilton Bradshaw. He has consistently followed the mantra of “backing people with passion” and invests in entrepreneurs across a number of sectors including real estate, recruitment and professional services.




36 thoughts on “Start Your Business in 7 Days”

  1. So, I can't start my business in 7 days, I have to work with it first for a couple of years and understand everything and then start it in 7 days once I have the money and the expertise? Sounds like that are the companies that make money predictably for investors, not for people.

  2. The 1% are getting richer faster than ever before whilst the rest of us are going in the opposite direction: trickle down economics isnt working and the only successful businesses round where I live are drug dealers. These people are on a different planet.

  3. My inspiration to write this book is making even more money, why should Mr Khan tell you how to make money, This is how it works my accounting friends,  for every £1 you make you take that £1 from someone else, If everyone became rich then we would all be average , none of us would be rich, The game is to stay ahead of you all, you have to be selfish and ruthless

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  5. Having an idea is one thing, but being able to apply that idea and make money out of is is totally different. Everyone can have an idea, but not everyone can run a business. It takes commitment, creativity and the business person itself to drive themselves to create something from an idea.

  6. I'm a non student i studied 6 months business administration,im constructing a business plan atm, and im struggling on the financial part any ideas?

    i have little experience in actual field and my aims are to gain as much much more experience, to be able to get that confidence and assure my abilities are a spot on, and this video has motivated me so so much i know so much more now,, im going to watch this every day for the rest of my plan….until i succeed and when i do i will want to meet this team..

  7. Hi James, I have to say that  in reality, it's not always possible to go out and gain solid experience in your area… For example in fashion (which is my degree area) there are so few jobs and so much competition that most designers cannot find a job.  So we have no choice but to start a business… without knowing all the pitfalls. We have to succeed without a track record, there is no other option.  Tania

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