Recruitment business

Starting a Recruitment Business

Recruitment business is a profitable business because of low cost and high profit. No standard qualification is needed to start this business. You must have excellent references from companies and some basic knowledge on current economy of your country, new companies, their recruitment needs besides researching quality profiles. Getting references from companies depends how you branded your identity previously. Most of the companies start their business and end up soon because of improper business strategy.

If you are starting your own business, you should have thorough knowledge on 360 recruitment process and its strategies. Start from the minimum employees and steadily grow to large number. Don’t suddenly invest heavily on software and infrastructure; nobody will see your beautiful building. You are not selling any products or handling customer queries. As a recruiter, you are placing top talents for the clients. Companies want excellent quality profiles from your side.

You have many options to search for clients or clients approaching you.

Basic Level

1. Your Identity with clients you handled before
2. References from past employees
3. Colleagues or friends working in companies
4. Industrial visit
5. Visiting discussion forums, Industrial exhibitions etc
6. Participating in seminars.

Advance Level

1. Market Research
2. Data Mining
3. Cold calls
4. Email – Business proposal writing, PowerPoint Presentation, HTML Newsletters
5. Social Media and blogs
6. Website
7. Online Marketing – Search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, Placement Ads
8. Brochures, Business cards, and Ads on business magazines
9. Articles on newspapers and magazines

Team Management

Don’t put all your money in one basket. Never depend on only one person for business and marketing strategy. Expand your simple business to core business.
Say for example, business development team, it consist of
1. Business Development Manager – Team handling including delivery
2. Business Development Executives
3. Marketing Executives – Field work
4. Telesales – Cold calling
4. Market Research Analyst – Primary and Secondary Research
5. Digital Marketing Executives
If you find difficulty in recruiting the positions due to financial problem, go for freelancing options.
1. Freelancer Business Development – commission basis
2. Freelance recruiters – commission basis
3. Part time recruiters
4. Part time Business Development
With rise in technology, new startup companies go on increasing finding difficult in recruitment. They mainly hire recruitment agencies for their positions. So it is better to have an eye on those new born companies. Big B companies have their own recruitment department but sometimes they go for agencies when hiring huge number of positions especially in BPO division or for some rare positions. For rare positions, they find difficulty in recruiting the candidate as these profiles are not available on job boards and it requires great convincing skills to approach these candidates. They mainly hire headhunting singapore for this position.

What is not Recruitment?

1. Mass mailing
2. Only depending on job boards and social sites
3. Not asking for feedback
4. No follow up.
5. No friendly relationship with employees and job seekers.

What is Recruitment?

1. Always maintaining healthy relationship with employees i.e. constant talking, seeking references.
2. Regular follow up after placing
3. Face to face meeting
4. Own database through network and references
5. Great convincing skills
6. Feeling positive even when candidates reject the offer.
7. Confident and straight-forward

Have a habit of visiting industries once in a week and explain your recruitment strategy, convince them to give the opportunity. Make a PowerPoint presentation; have a hard copy brochure including business card and explain your future plan of your company. This feels them that you are really interested in the field and confident to take up the responsibilities of given task.



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