What Taking My Recruitment Business From $0-100M Taught Me About The Industry

Renegade Recruiter Unleashed Episode 9
RR e9: Greg Savage Interview – What Taking My Recruitment Business From $0-100M Taught Me About The Industry

In this weeks episode of The Renegade Recruiter Unleashed Podcast, Terry Edwards interview Greg Savage.

They’ll be revealing the Savage Truth About The Recruitment Industry…

Here’s what you’re getting

* Why the term ‘legendary ‘ caused much hilarity in the Greg Savage Household

* How Greg went from zero to 100m in recruitment

* Greg shares what the true cost of underperforming consultants in your business, this is quite shocking

* How this young looking and slim (Greg words) uses social media, a must do for the recruitment industry

* Where many recruitment business owners are letting themselves down Why continuous learning is essential for recruitment business success

* Greg admits that although not the best Rugby player, he nearly played against the legendary ‘All Blacks’

* How settling for mediocrity is costing recruiters millions in lost revenue The biggest challenge facing recruiters in the new economy and what to do about it

* Why client and candidate expectations have changed, and what that means to you

* What recruiters should be focusing on and it is not what you think Why ‘Job Boards’ and LinkedIn are old school and what you should be doing

* The best book Greg has read on recruitment, and it is not the classic “7 deadly threats to your recruitment/search business” And more…




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