Recruitment Mentor Training Syllabus

Some of the training by the recruitment mentor for people who are in the recruitment agencies industry:

o   The recruitment 360 process
o   Creation of identity and understand your niche
o   The 20 cube concept
o   Clients job order filtering
o   Advance Email marketing
o   Psychology of email marketing
o   C-Marketing in-depth
o   Advance job posting techniques
o   Sales, presentation and techniques
o   Other ad-hor training and syllabus as per needed

Branding of the Individual and Website includes some of the following:

a)    Branding
–       Formulating and brainstorming of new entity name
–       Conceptualize of company branding and positioning
–       Creating an identity for the company and brand
–       Creation of USP for the business
–       Creation of logos, templates and icons
–       Merging of brand into letterhead, websites and all outgoing materials

b)    Website Design
–       Copyrighting, creation and proof-reading of materials
–       Consultation and implementations of website theme
–       Design and implementations of confirmed brand and identity into website
–       Creation of full scale website up to 35 pages, which includes the following:
a.    Wordpress platform (Google Search Engine ready)
b.    Blog posting capacity
c.    Mobile responsive website
d.    Multiple theme selections
e.    Image slider
f.     Image credit up to US$100.00 value

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