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If you’re smart, you’ll spend at least 90 minutes each day — probably more, making, chasing and following up on leads — either by phone, Internet or post. The difference between success and not getting the results you want with this is not the number of calls you make, it’s down to the quality of the leads and also constant, relentless follow-up.
In case you’re in any doubt about how effective follow-up is, or how costly it is NOT to follow up, let me share with you some interesting statistics:
48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect
25% of sales people make a second contact and stop
12% of sales people only make three contacts and stop
OK, so what does this mean, then? Well, it means that they’re losing a small fortune…. The reason being:
2% of sales are made on the first contact
3% of sales are made on the second contact
5% of sales are made on the third contact
10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
80% sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact
So if you are like most recruiters and make no more than one follow-up to your potential clients or candidates…. then you’re leaving 98% of your income for one of your competitors to come and pick up.
So, what can you do to follow up?
No 1: Have a Follow Up System in Place
This will record and map out your follow process with prospects. So that you know you are contacting prospects between 5 to 12 times.
One of the recruiters that I work with was just cold calling. When he analysed what had given him the best success in the past it was that he sent a short email with relevant reasons for the people to want to network with him. He then had a system in place where he followed that up the next day with a phone call, then 2 days later another phone call and then another email to make sure they were the right person to be contacted.
You can record this on your database or on something like an excel spreadsheet.
No 2: Send an Email
Emailing is cheap, fast and very effective. You’ll do better with your email if it has something that your prospect needs, but even regular weekly or twice monthly emails with nothing more than interesting, engaging or informative content are still going to give you more sales.
Why? Becuase whenever your prospect need a “specialist skill”, then you’re the go-to specialist skill person they’ll think of. It’s a bit like”brand awareness” only this actually works.
No 3: Send a Mailshot
When writing mailshots, it really makes a difference if you put yourself in your clients shoes. Think about what would be interesting for them? What do they want to see or hear that would catch their attention? Why would they want to read it?
If you’re selling in a candidate, it’s easier to read and more compelling if you use bullet points and benefits rather than features. i.e. for a candidate, a short summary of what they can do for the client and then benefits for the client, i.e. £500k of client contacts or specific skills and experience that will give the prospect more free time
No 4: Send a Newsletter
The question I ask recruiters is ” how many of your competitors are sending information that is not sales focused that adds value to their clients?” The answer is very few. A page newsletter with interesting information and articles in it, or answers to questions they might have costs virtually nothing. And… because you can virutally guarantee that non of your competitors are doing it, this is going to mean you are one of the peopler your clients think of when they need the services or a recruiter.
What do you put in it? Well, anything you like as long as it’s interesting and engaing. An easy way to find content is to look out for news or articles and any time something interesting comes up, no matter how tenuous the connection, that’s an opportunity for you to write something about it or send the article on.

There you go — 6 techniques to increase your sales call conversion.
Nicky Coffin is the MD of Centered Excellence She specializes in management training for recruitment companies, where she is able to improve performance in 12 weeks or less.
To find out more visit or call 0845 319 4838.




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    Hello. I want to start my recruitment agency. I do not have prior industrial experience as a reruiter but I have worked at different companies. I am wondering as a new recruiter do I need to find candidates first and develop a database or do I need to get companies to let me recruit for their jobs first? In other words do I go to the clients telling them I have candidates or do I go to the candidates telling them I have jobs? Thank You

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    you're reading it yourself, how are we supposed to remember it?

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    Thank you very much, this is going to help me a lot.
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