Courtesy: Alpha Phi at University of Alabama on YouTube





  1. Michael Newton

    BREAKING NEWS: ESPN has just uncovered Facebook chat traffic between Alabama head football coach Nick Saban and ESPN 300's #1 high school recruit, Najee Harris.

    Saban: Have you decided about which school you are going to come to yet?
    Harris: Coach Harbaugh and I have been talking, and, no disrespect, coach, but I am kind of leaning towards Michigan
    Saban: (Sends link to this video)
    Harris: Umm I meant I am leaning towards Alabama. See you this summer, Coach Saban, and Roll Tide!

  2. Fresh Look

    You guys complaining about diversity need to ask…why don't they preach diversity in Asia or Africa. Then it may occur to you that diversity is code for anti-white.

  3. Fergie Fergie

    So much racism in these comments. Why can't white people just do their own thing without something being "racist" at some point. Protip: 13% of the population is black. You should think about that every time you bring up some bullshit about how nothing is "equal" anymore. Stay mad and jealous though.

  4. whytesakura1

    To the people complaining about them being all white: Who gives a shit? Its okay. Sometimes shit happens that way. Just because you assume a circle is going to be diverse in 2016 doesnt mean that it is. Suck it up. I guess you would rather be a formality than a valued person.

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