Branding for Headhunters

It may seems to be strange for many existing headhunter to talk about branding themselves, the current market place or systems hoes not really allows or gives headhunters the ability or freedom to do so.
Many headhunting firms actually do not profile the headhunter in the company website,  the very reason is that the company may not really know how long the headhunter will stay in that company.
Anyway, even if the company does not profile the headhunter in their website, as a headhunter, you can actually do legitimate things to make yourself branded and when you become branded, you will get more clients, get more candidates and eventually close more job assignments.

Here are the things to make yourself to be a branded headhunter:

  • Make your Linkedin profile as complete as possible, with photos, data, histories,expertise, etc…Connect to as many people as possible in the industry you are focusing on.
  • Create a blog about yourself, talks about your industry, the trends, your experiences, etc,etc…the more you write about your industry, the more you will be perceived as an expert in that particular field. You can always go to and create a free account, of course, given a choice, go and get a domain under your name, such as the one I am having at
  • Get a makeover photo, pay the extra money to get a really good photograph done up and put them in your Linkedin profile and blog.
  • Testimonials – Get as many testimonials from all parties as possible, get them from clients, candidates, co-workers, managers and anyone whom you know, remember that in the eyes of the public, social proof matters.
  • After you have write the specific topics and experiences in your blog, share them in social media regularly.
  • Give it some time to grow, it may take many months or even years to build, depending on how active you are.
  • Never give up, the life of a headhunter is not easy but can be very rewarding, when you meet with a challenge, find a way to overcome it, conquer it one step at a time and eventually you will reach your destination to become a branded headhunter.
Cheers and best wishes ~~

Regards – Dougles Chan, The Recruitment Guru



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