How to Start a Recruitment Agency From Home


Work-From-Home-recruitment-agencyWant to start a recruitment agency directly from your own home? It’s really possible and with that kind of setup, you will not only enjoy decent income from the business and flexible timing so that if you need to take care of your kids or elderly at home, you will be able to do so easily. You can have the best of both worlds where you will have income, free from the routine normal working hours and keep your family company.
Here are the steps to start a recruitment agency from home.
1) Think of a great name for your business, something iconic, easy to remember and not too long. When you had decided the name of your business, register the name in your local business authority to make it a legal entity. Depending on your country regulations, there could be a further need to get a license for it, in Singapore, you will need to have a license to do so, please check the process to apply for a singapore employment agency license.
2) Get your website domain name, make sure it is about the same as your business name. Get a web designer to do it for you professionally. Also determine whether you want to do a generic recruitment business or a specialized recruitment industry focus.
3) Get your business card ready, I believe your web designer will have also made your business logo. Please ensure you get it done professionally, your clients and candidates will know whether your logo is a DIY logo. If they find out about it, it will not give good impression to your status.
4) Please ensure your business address is register in a corporate address, a home address will reveal what level you are at, even if your office is register as a virtual office, it is perfectly fine. People do understand but if you want to save money on these things, you will give a wrong impression to other parties and with that your business will never work out.
5) Generate clients and job orders, do ensure you have about 20-30 job orders to work on per person (monthly) so that your ability to close more cases will be higher. Check out my other powerful article onStrategies for Recruitment Companies to Generate More Business.
6) Work on your job orders with lighting speed- Be very careful of the The Market Tumours In Recruitment Industry.
7) Close as many cases as you can within your ability.
8) Last but not least, enjoy every month in life because you deserve it!
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