Resume Writing Advice with 5 Critical Resume Writing Tips for Interview Success

Resume Writing

Jay Block, best-selling McGraw Hill author and career expert, delivers compelling resume writing advice with 5 critical resume writing tips for interview success during this interview.

You’ll get to hear Jay speak first hand and answer those resume writing questions that all job seekers ask themselves when compiling a resume to find employment in these challenging times. In this video, you will learn some of the resume writing action words that will immediately grab the reader’s attention, so that you can land the interview.

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22 thoughts on “Resume Writing Advice with 5 Critical Resume Writing Tips for Interview Success”

  1. I really don't get it. I am 17 years old, grade 11, and have been looking for a job for 10 months now. I said I am a student, and I can work up to 50 hours a week. I have gotten a few questions on the spot, but that is about as far as it goes. I just need and want a job despretely, and will work any position. I have gone back to multiple places multiple times with my resume and references, and they say, "Great, we will give you a call.", but they never do! please help me as I have no idea what is wrong with me and why I can't get a job.

  2. Resume has to have a meaningful and has to be currently  to be communicate if  nessary for example current address and current telephone number ??and no body can get it and no firm can inform us  about the change of the company or industry and offices. why we care putting address of old company that we work and telephone number as well where their telephone numberis not curretly used in the market or office..

  3. I have a feeling that no one will take you seriously with 'Contribute!' in huge letters across the page. And Times New Roman is not a readable font. Also I feel that it is rude to put your references information on your resume unless you plan on telling them every single place you have sent it to. But otherwise some good advice

  4. I don't like the word 'job,' it feels so serious and intimidating. I like to refer to it as a positive experience instead. As resume writer I want to change how someone feels about employment. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and this is why I have changed how my clients think when applying for the right experience.

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