28 Dec 2015

Kelly Services Pte Ltd – Singapore Recruitment Agency Review

Javier Goh reviewed Kelly Singapore — 5 star I started working as a flyer distributor on a project called “WaterFront” located at punggol. Working as a flyer distributor may seems tough with the hectic weather and such but it was a pleasant job having Joshua as my leader leading me.

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13 Jul 2014

Headhunter Companies in Singapore and Information

10 of the Best Headhunter in SIngapore – singapore-headhunter.blogspot.com There are various headhunter firms operating in Singapore. They are contributing a vital role in the development and the better future of Robert Walters Singapore – Jobs and Recruitment Services – www.robertwalters.com.sg “Thank you for voting Robert Walters Singapore the Overall

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02 Feb 2014

How Many Recruitment Agencies Registered With the Ministry of Manpower in the Year 2013?

In the year of 2013, there are a total of 492 registered recruitment agencies in Singapore itself. With the current total strength of 3,500+, it constitute about 14% of the total agencies in Singapore. You can search the name or agency number by pressing control F and type their information

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26 May 2013

10 Quick and Important Tips for Any Interview

Whether you’re having a telephone interview or a simulation interview, your goal as a candidate is to communicate your ability to help make the organization more efficient, productive, and profitable. It’s all about conveying value! Here are 10 Quick and Important Tips for Any Interview: Value: Know your value. Remember your value. Convey your

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17 Apr 2013

How to Make Your Recruitment Agencies Business Profitable – The Sure Win Method

How to Make Your Recruitment Agencies Business Profitable Basically in any recruitment agencies business, there are only two factors that determine whether the business is profitable. They are: 1)       Total sales generated of the recruitment agencies business 2)       Total cost of operating of the recruitment agencies business For the recruitment agency

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10 Apr 2013

9 of the Best Headhunter in Singapore

Looking for the best headhunter in Singapore? Headhunters are considered to be the most important tool for searching executive jobs. These firms search for a suitable candidate for their clients, and if the company selects that particular candidate, they get a commission in return. Headhunting is a tough job, as

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23 Mar 2013

Recruitment Consultants Nightmare! True Story… (Part 1)

Being in the recruitment industry for many years and seeing too many recruitment consultants “suffering,” I would like to share some “nightmare” stories so that people who are not in the industry will understand what it is all about, and, of course, recruitment consultants who are reading this, please have

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21 Mar 2013

How to Find Recruitment Agency Clients using Twitter

Many recruitment consultants are using Linkedin and Facebook for search clients and today I would like to touch based on how Twitter can really help a recruitment consultant to hunt and look for new clients effectively. Twitter is a micro-blog of Facebook itself and it is can be very targeted

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14 Mar 2013

How to Brand Yourself as a Professional Recruitment Consultant/Recruiter

Many recruitment consultants and/recruiters who are working for a recruitment agency or working for themselves had never thought that self-branding is very important in their ultimate success or failure in the industry. When I was talking to many consultants and owners or the recruitment industry, I always ask them 2

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29 Nov 2012

Why Most Smaller Recruitment Agencies will Struggle to Survive in their Business.

Many smaller size recruitment agencies that have fewer than 10-15 people will feel not so comfortable reading what I am going to write. However, if you are one of them, do read what follows below with an open mind and perhaps you will be able to get something good out

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