1. Blanca Gutierrez

    Thank you for making this video. I have three quick questions:
    1. Should I include my employer's full address and phone number in my work history section?
    2. In what sequence do I add my achievements/recognition section to this document?
    3. Should I include a reference section?

    I hope you are still answering questions regarding this video.

  2. Demons Gamez

    Well this really helps. I'm only 15 and I'm trying to get my first job. I want to work at a superstore or something like that and I want to stock shelves or something like that. I have no work experience so what do I do?

  3. Netta Rose

    thank you so much… this has been very helpful ….. I came up in the dinosaur era and do not know how to do a resume or cover letter, but I am going back into the work force and both are needed …. I had little confidence, but thanks to your video I do believe I can produce a impressive resume and an even more impressive cover letter.. thank you

  4. Ashleigh Watson

    for when you are applying for a retail job and you have to apply on line  and post a resume what would I wirte for an objective if its just a minimum wage job until I finish my degree and get a job that I actually will want to have for my major.

  5. nick cline

    Love your videos man if i land this job ill come back and tell you i love you! Lmfao! Jp applying to be an emt and this is only my second resume ever and wanted to make it the best possible

  6. 4atlanta4

    This was soo helpful thanks for sharing. I have one question tho. If a company decides to scan your résumé, or when sending it to a company using the borders &tables would the format Change? Because someone told me using tables is not good and I wasn't sure. 

  7. mldfry

    what if the same kind of experience applies to most or all of the jobs in work experience? can I put it in each one? should I, and if I can do I need to reword it each time?

  8. Wer Det

    I'm assuming this is for more professional C.Vs. However, for a student just looking for a part time job will I need to, for the work experience, add those numerical statistics or just simply add in what my responsibilities where?

    Thanks and great video! 

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