How to Write a Basic Resume in Microsoft Word

This video shows how to write a basic resume.

If you need to know how to format your resume to look like this one, please watch my video for formatting a resume:

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46 thoughts on “How to Write a Basic Resume in Microsoft Word”

  1. Thank you for making this video. I have three quick questions:
    1. Should I include my employer's full address and phone number in my work history section?
    2. In what sequence do I add my achievements/recognition section to this document?
    3. Should I include a reference section?

    I hope you are still answering questions regarding this video.

  2. Well this really helps. I'm only 15 and I'm trying to get my first job. I want to work at a superstore or something like that and I want to stock shelves or something like that. I have no work experience so what do I do?

  3. thank you so much… this has been very helpful ….. I came up in the dinosaur era and do not know how to do a resume or cover letter, but I am going back into the work force and both are needed …. I had little confidence, but thanks to your video I do believe I can produce a impressive resume and an even more impressive cover letter.. thank you

  4. for when you are applying for a retail job and you have to apply on line  and post a resume what would I wirte for an objective if its just a minimum wage job until I finish my degree and get a job that I actually will want to have for my major.

  5. This was soo helpful thanks for sharing. I have one question tho. If a company decides to scan your résumé, or when sending it to a company using the borders &tables would the format Change? Because someone told me using tables is not good and I wasn't sure. 

  6. I'm assuming this is for more professional C.Vs. However, for a student just looking for a part time job will I need to, for the work experience, add those numerical statistics or just simply add in what my responsibilities where?

    Thanks and great video! 

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