Why Do You Want to Become a Headhunter?

Last week, I had a coffee with a headhunter I had met, and he wanted me to show him how to become a better headhunter, as he believed that my techniques and strategies would be able to help him to achieve even more than what he is earning right now.
During the conversation, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he had been loyal fan of my blog www.dougleschan.com and understood what I was talking about in specific details in terms of the steps in 360 recruitment, the positioning and branding as a headhunters , and many other technical terms only people who had visited the blog would know. It was a great conversation that lasted for over 90 minutes as I shared with him specific knowledge and strategies to make him a better headhunter.
The pivot point of the whole conversation came to a challenging question when I asked him:
Why do you really want to be a headhunter?
The question actually caught him off-guard, and I noticed from his body language and the way he spoke that he was very unsure of why he wanted to become a headhunter…does this sound or look like someone you know?
Now the question comes back to you: Why do you want to become a headhunter? What are the real reasons behind it? What could they possibly be?
Are these one or more of the reason?
        I want to become a headhunter because the income is high.
        I want to become a headhunter because it is a respectable job.
        I want to become a headhunter because I can work in a reputable company and a CLASS A office.
        I want to become a headhunter because I am out of job.
        I want to become a headhunter because many of my friends or my family said it is a great job.
        I want to become a headhunter because I want to help other people to find a job.
What are your reasons?
Do you know that the reasons that you want to become a headhunter will determine how long you will survive in the market? Or should I say whether or not you will make it? My point is this: if you do not have a very strong reason to become a headhunter, there will be other job opportunities that come to you, and you will be tempted to move in other directions. There will be plenty of other PULL FACTORS that will make you think twice about letting go of your job as a headhunter.
If you do not have a strong reason to commit into the job, or “Career” as I always call it, then you could be wasting your time and eventually not be able to make it long enough to make a real difference.
I always believe that in order to create something magical and special, you will need to commit 200% to what you are doing. Even 100% commitment is NOT good enough. You need to make it 200% because if you commit 200%, you are going to give much more than what it is expected. And when you do that, you will get unlimited rewards in the long run.
The point is this: Always go all-out for what you are going to do, leave no other options, have no “PLAN B”, burn your bridges, and then you will succeed.
Cheers, and be happy always ~ Dougles Chan, Your Recruitment Guru



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