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According to the person who filmed this.

“The Chinese guy went in the carriage and sat beside the Malay guy. He said that the Malay guy shoved at him while sitting. Demand an apology and recorded it using his handphone. The Malay guy was minding his own business and on his way to camp. The Chinese guy said that he is an Officer and should be respected. He can send the malay guy to be court-marshall. Ask the malay guy for his name. And if he wants to “settle” the argument, to go outside the carriage. And the malay guy pull him out at Jurong East MRT”

Video Credit : Mizan Amin





  1. Adam Teng

    I believed everywhere got this type of people but don't take your uncivilized people sin put in Singapore and said my Singaporean uncivilized! We didn't mention about your country

  2. Simon Lynn

    The moment he try to drag the pink shirt guy out of the train, that can already be considered under assault. I'd have beaten the shit out of him the moment he start to drag..

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