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Information is updated as of October 2013.

“The Singapore MRT Evolution – 1980s to 2030s” is a video showing the planning stages of the Singapore MRT network from its initial idea to the latest plans. Watch the video to see how did the Singapore authorities plan the MRT network and see how it changes year after year!


☞ Bukit Timah Line (now known as Downtown Line Stage 2) was also announced earlier on Oct 18, 2001.
☞ Changi Airport station was opened on 8 Feb 2002, not 18 Oct 2001..
☞ Nicoll Highway collapse incident happened on 20 April 2004, not 20 Jan 2004.
☞ Land Transport Master Plan 2013 was announced on 17 Jan 2013, not 17 Oct 2013.

Ecstatic Wave | Jens Kiilstofte | MachinimaSound

Broken Circuitry | Jens Kiilstofte | MachinimaSound

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DEFINITION: Planned Event
The event was planned by the Land Transport Authority and are subjected to changes if any.

DEFINITION: Predicted Event
The event was predicted by the creator, using the general rule that any opening event are preceded by approximately six years of construction. Predicted events may not be accurate and does not reflect the official views of any Singapore authorities, including the Land Transport Authority and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.


This video is purely for educational and/or entertainment purposes.

While every effort are taken to ensure the information presented in this video are accurate as much as possible, some information may not be accurate or available either due to limited accessible archived materials or due to unforeseen circumstances.

The information presented in this video are not produced by or in consultation with any Singapore authorities, including the Land Transport Authority and the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Therefore, this video shall not be considered an official source by any Singapore authorities. By using this video as a source for your research and/or reports, you are doing so at your own risk.





  1. TheGreatRandomizer22 // DarthAAO

    Here are some information I suggest putting in your next video! Note: This comment is a update. Hope you reply and tell me if it is accurate or if it sounds great =)
    Mid 2015: Canberra MRT station starts constructionOctober 2015: CCL6 stations announced (Keppel, Cantonment and Prince Edward)December 27 2015: DTL2 opens (Bukit Panjang to Rochor)February 29 2016: Sam Kee LRT station opens
    Late 2016: Tuas West Extension opens (Gul Circle to Tuas Link)2017: Jurong Region Line stations announced2017: DTL3 opens (Fort Canning to Expo)2019: TEL1 opens (Woodlands North to Woodlands South)2020: Jurong Region Line stations announced (Jurong branch and Nanyang branch)2020: TEL2 opens (Springleaf to Caldecott)2021: TEL3 opens (Mount Pleasant to Gardens By The Bay)2021: Cross Island Line stations announced2023: TEL4 opens (Tanjong Rhu to Bayshore)2024: TEL5 opens (Bayshore to Sungei Bedok)2024: DTL3e opens (Xilin, Sungei Bedok)2024: Jurong Region Line stations announced (West Coast branch)2025: CCL6 opens (Keppel to Prince Edward)2030: Cross Island Line opens2030: North East Line extension opens (Punggol North/Punggol Waterfront)

  2. hyarany

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the comments and updates. I wasn't able to check them out cuz, well, army (I've ORDed! :D). I understand that many events and changes has happened since the video was uploaded, which is October 2013 btw. Some information in this video may not be accurate by now, especially the opening of Downtown Line Stage 2 (opening this month! Yay!). Corrections will only be made if there are errors to any information prior to October 2013. Therefore, I do seek your understanding on the outdated recent information after October 2013. Thanks for all the support! :D

  3. Zixiang319

    I heard Circle Line Stage 6 Station: Keppel Station,Cantonment MRT Station and Prince Edward MRT Station but Keppel Station cant open In North-East.Maybe it was future in 2020 or 2025 or 2030.

  4. TheGreatRandomizer22 // DarthAAO

    +hyarany , here are some imfofmation you should put on your new, revamped video! Im not quite sure of some of the exact dates mentioned but please accept it. Thanks! =)

    2015: Canberra Station construction starts
    December 27, 2015: DTL2 opens (Bukit Panjang to Rochor)
    Mid-2016: Tuas West Extension opens (Gul Circle to Tuas Link)
    2017: DTL3 opens (Fort Canning to Expo)
    2019: TEL1 opens (Woodlands North to Woodlands South)
    2019: Jurong Region Line stations announced (probably)
    2020: TEL2 opens (Springleaf to Caldecott)
    2020: Circle Line Stage 6 stations announced (probably)
    2020: Jurong Region Line starts construction (probably)
    2021: TEL3 opens (Mount Pleasant to Gardens By The Bay)
    2021: Cross-Island Line stations announced (probably)
    2021-2022: DTL3e starts construction (probably)
    2022: Circle Line Stage 6 starts construction (probably)
    2023: TEL4 opens (Tanjong Rhu to Bayshore)
    2023: Cross-Island Line starts construction (probably)
    2024: TEL5 opens (Bedok South to Sungei Bedok)
    2024: DTL3e opens (Xilin to Sungei Bedok)
    2025: Circle Line Stage 6 opens (??? to ???)
    2030: Cross-Island Line opens
    2030: North-East Line extension opens (NE18 Punggol North)
    2030: New station on the NEL opens (NE2 Keppel/Kampong Bahru)
    2030 and after: Ninth MRT Line might open (Unknown)


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