Why Hong Kong’s MTR beats Singapore’s MRT

If you thought rush hour in Singapore was bad, you haven’t seen the Hong Kong MTR system which services more than 5 million passengers daily,
RazorTV hit the trains in Hong Kong on a Friday evening to see if it really lives up to its name as one of the best train systems in the world.

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34 thoughts on “Why Hong Kong’s MTR beats Singapore’s MRT”

  1. dont understand why kuala lumpur lrt ,monorail. commuuter ,(mrt-coming on dec) didnt see officer penalty those passager eating in the train although there is not allow signboard ,is that freedom??

  2. to be honest sometimes at like 17:00pm admiralty, the platform is packed and it takes 2-4 trains to clear up the human traffic however the amount of people doesnt stop coming so the space is exactly perfect for rush hour in a constant frequency of trains. MTR has announced possibly next year March, the south island line (east) will open soon and the exchange point is under the admiralty station exchange point. I hope it wont be too congested by then.

  3. wow so disciplined, unlike the idiots in spore. before the crowds came into s pore, we all queued or didnt havce to. we obeyed the no rushing , etc…Nowadays people rush, push , dont queue and even before th passengers come out of the trains some idiots are already pushing themselves into the train.

  4. Well, I have not been on singapore's MRT , have travelled on Hong kong's MTR though and I can say with clarity that things DO take aToll at rush hour in Hong Kong. Bro,you were early or on the wrong side maybe ascentral to tsim sha tsui on evenings and vice versa in the mornings can be a harrowing case . Especially during the evening rush hour , when people from admirality try to push their way in an already packed train from Central.

  5. Actually, there are less people traveling to Kowloon than to Hong Kong Island at rush hour in the morning. But when night comes, at 6, you take a train to Kowloon… Oh boi…
    You will have to wait for 4 trains until you can get on, and it is fully packed that even breathing is a problem, if you lose balance, you will 100% step on someone
    (worse case scenario)

  6. Public transport in HK ceases to amaze me in regards to efficiency be it the MTR, bus even taxi is way more reliable and safe than any other major city in the world. Singapore is good but HK is wee better. Of course, my favourite city has a much smaller train system, BTS in Bangkok! Cheers all…!

  7. hkg'smtr maybefaster than spore's mrt but the syatem should be evaluated ona total sytem bASIS. I a m an elderly person with serious mobility constraints and often encounter acess andexit issues coz in many mtr ststionsthereare no lifts or escalators but onlysteep staircases while inspore ourmrt sttion are handicap friendly with lifts and escalatorforthe old and frail elderly even atboth ends of overhead pedestrianbridges so your comparison is totallly inadequate hope you will make a proper full comparison otherwise remove this incomplete amateurish video coz itgives a wrongimpression and to me it sucks! cz i hve taken the hkgmtr many many times

  8. Hong Kong's MTR and KCR company helped SINGAPORE build ya MRT system in the 80's Singaporean, so stfu. If HK didn't help u guys build up this MRT shit, which is obviously copied from HK's MTR, Singapore's railway system will be a fucking disaster. So, Singaporeans and supporters of MRT, STFU

  9. not only best in asia, but probably best in the world.. always on time and always trains coming quickly.. far better than USA, shameful how bad the subway is in US … bumpy tracks and full of drunks.. ive been to a lot of countries around the world and its really hard to beat Hong Kongs mrt system..

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