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Twitter is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It is used to update messages of one hundred and forty characters regarded as “tweet”. It has nearly five hundred million users and three hundred & forty million tweets are posted every day.

With this massive number of searches, nobody denies the importance of twitter. Additionally, it has significant importance for the businesses. They use it as one of the most powerful tools of marketing. It is used as a basic strategy to get more followers and increase traffic on the website. Apart from this, individuals also want fame and wish to be noticed publicly. This only becomes possible by increasing the number of followers.

Now the question arises how to get more followers on Twitter? It is not a difficult thing in today’s world. A few tips are discussed as follows, which will guide you extensively in getting lots of followers.

  • Twitter Link:

First of all, you should add links of twitter account on your website. This will allow other people to follow you on twitter. What kind of business or a website do you have? Just place a widget like “follow us on twitter” and this will surely work.  This is the basic marketing strategy that is adopted in every advertisement.

  • Interesting Tweets:

This means that your tweet should be interesting and should have some value in it. Before you expect something in return, you should do necessary efforts to benefit others. So in order to expect lots of followers, your tweets should entertain people, i.e. humorous tweet.  It must have some information or capture interest of others.

  • Be Original:

Enlighten tweets showing originality about you would have great impact. You can influence others by letting them know that you are humorous, joyful, amusing and entertaining. The true relationships are long-lasting and can bring lots of opportunities.

  • Increase Interaction:

You should be interactive to your twitter follower. Answer their queries & suggestions and update different tweet regularly. Tweet must relate people something interesting and they post responses about it.

  • Scheduled Time :

You should select a scheduled time for the tweets like early morning. As there is difference in time zones on the globe, so you must adopt the relevant time that is particularly close to your region.

  • Useful Tweet:

Whenever you tweet, it should be useful and often post them on twitter. Useless and excessive tweets may reduce the number of followers.

  • Use of specific Keywords:

Tweet should contain specific keywords, which are relevant to the topic. As people search topics by typing keywords and they will automatically divert to your page.

  • Background:

Charming and stylish background of the page is really important. People frequently inspired by the look of twitter page.

  • Following Others:

If you want to increase exposure on twitter, you should follow others. This may include people which have similar interests like you.

  • Retweet:

Retweet is vital to increase coverage and get more followers.

  • Use of Cool Stuff:

Posting cute jokes and quotations would entertain follower as well as grab their attention.

  • Informative:

It must have some information about a contest and useful web sites.

  • Helping behavior:

You can guide others about the basic information related to any field. Additionally, you can help others to increase their followers.

A Twitter Marketing article by The Recruitment Guru – Dougles Chan

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  1. December 7, 2012 at 6:14 pm — Reply

    Let me add a 14th way, :reward your followers with a discount or a freebie

  2. Engr Abdul
    January 18, 2013 at 6:07 am — Reply

    I once buyed 3k followers and now I’m left with 680. This tips would help me get long-lasting followers. Thanks for sharing :)

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