Twitterpated-twitter-expertAre Your Spending More than 2 Hours Per Day in Twitter? Then perhaps you are becoming a Twitterpated.

If the term “Becoming Twitterpated” doesn’t ring a bell in your ears, then you’re missing out on loads of fun in your life. Basically, the term signifies the phenomena of thinking about your current object of desire.

It has also been described as a strange enjoyable disorder, which is mainly characterized by simultaneous feelings of anticipation, excitement, recent memories of interludes, physical over stimulation high hopes, giddiness, during a new love. However, we’re talking about a new form of love and craze – yes it is the Twitter, the latest micro-blogging and social networking platform.

Becoming Twitterpated simply means entering the wonderful world of Twitter where you can tweet about whatever you do on a daily basis, or promote your business, by expressing your views about the concerned industry and do a lot more. When you become Twitterpated for the first time, it is often a totally new experience altogether. However, sometimes people just join Twitter and leave their account without exploring the real fun of tweeting around. Initially, you might think that tweeting is all about sharing a word with others, or passing on hot-gossips, but this by no means is the real essence of Twitter.

After becoming Twitterpated, you should consider downloading the free Twitter Handbook, which briefly explains the history of social networking. It not only introduces a multitude of free applications but also other things that are available totally free of cost via your Twitter account.

twitter-expert-trainingSo, you must be thinking that you’re all set to join Twitter and enjoy becoming Twitterpated, but hang-on, because that is not the end of the story. You would be further pleased to know that Twitter allows you to hyper-learn about affiliate opportunities, taking your business to the next level, developing personal relationships(albeit virtual), asking questions and getting quick replies.

What’s more, even if you are away from your PC or laptop, you can even Tweet pretty comfortably from your mobile device, or simply follow conversations between people you admire. As Twitter community expanded in great proportion, just about anything else you can imagine right from free tele-seminar announcements, down to job offers, is available at your fingertips while you Tweet around.

It would probably require at least a few years for something bigger and better than Twitter to surface up, and offer so many amazing options such as observing Tweeps (whom you follow in your network), and the likes of them.

Furthermore, it is also possible to integrate your Twitter account with a WordPress blog or any other personal blog and tweet directly from WordPress. The process is relatively simple, as all you need to do is to install a free plug-in and follow the process of integrating the two great inventions – WordPress and Twitter!

Bloggers truly admire Twitter and most of them have become Twitterpated by now, though there are many who prefer Twitter over, and other similar blogging services. So, if haven’t felt the fun of becoming Twitterpated, it is about time you tried it out. Simply visit and become Twitterpated!

Happy Tweeting! Join my Twitter @ Followdougles

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