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In a country like ours, where more than 90% of the workforce is engaged in the un-organized sector with no social security, professional staffing is the need of the hour. We at Prompt Personnel understand this need and help companies with Temp staffing solutions. The Temp staff is hired and paid by us, but works in the facility, under the control & supervision of client companies. Besides we take care of their social security benefits and also address their work related issues.

Based on the acquired skill set of the Temp work force, the staffs is divided in three categories –

§ Professional Staffing:- Where we source Highly skilled and technically proficient manpower
§ General Staffing:- which can also be termed as White color staffing, wherein we source manpower with Basic or generic education.
§ Industrial Staffing:- which also can be termed as Blue Collar staffing, here the requirement is purely from Factories , Plants or at ware houses.

Benefits we share with Client Companies:-
§ Reduction in Recruitment Cost.
§ Reduction in Compliance Management Cost.
§ Flexibility in job assignments.
§ Quick response to meet Business Volatility.
§ Absorbing the right candidates for Permanent Vacancies through available Temp Pool.

Benefits we share with Employees.
§ Opportunities to fresh graduates or young workforce who have a challenge of getting a break.
§ Temp Job which act as a stepping stone to Permanent job
§ Multiple job options suiting their talent and passion.

Therefore, you will see, Temporary staffing is helpful to all and we can make the difference.




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