Death of a Game: Star Wars Galaxies

How and why Star Wars Galaxies died.

Commentary Start: 9:58
Combat Discussion: 13:13
Content Discussion (or lack of): 15:18
CU (Combat Upgrade Discussion): 17:25
NGE Discussion: 19:24
Rose Colored Glasses & The “Good Ole Days”: 22:59
The Jedi Conundrum: 27:39
Mistakenly Assuming the “Star Wars” Title = Success: 29:36
Conclusion: 34:28

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The rise, fall, and return of Star Wars Galaxies

The Game Archaeologist: Star Wars Galaxies’ NGE

Did Star Wars Galaxies Fail?

So What Happened to Star Wars Galaxies?




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36 thoughts on “Death of a Game: Star Wars Galaxies”

  1. didn't have a computer at the time I was still a kid too so the game looked cool on star wars magazines I'd like to play galaxies just to experience it today, I've played swtor for about half a year and it just seemed like money grab by bio ware and the in game market seemed way to over priced and crazy, I met some cool people and guilds when playing swtor lots of cool experiences but too much paying to get good gear and upgrades. I play kotor and kotor2 now

  2. If SOE had just done the Combat Revamp proper instead of going totally nuts with the "Combat Upgrade" think the game would've fared better. The two biggest issues to begin with were the broken speed system and the mind pool being unhealable/hardest hitting. You'd think somebody with a bit of mathematical knowledge could sit down and balance everything out in a spreadsheet, but nope.

    That and Jedi with the hologrinding really killed the spirit of the game. Far too much time was spent trying to put Jedi in place when they never should've been playable to begin with. Those early months of SWG (minus the bugs) were an experience unlike any other. The original sandbox concept for SWG is still unmatched by any game I can think of.

    I'll never really like the CU/NGE. The CU meant well… but the flashy colors, choppy animation, more apparent levels weren't real welcome. Still I think if SWG had stuck with the CU it would've been alright. The NGE is totally unforgivable. Literally removing people's hard work with various professions is like giving a kid a basketball – then smacking it out of their hand saying they can't play basketball. While the NGE did add a lot of needed content it came far too late.

    Both overhauls really hurt the game population. Granted it was on the decline ever since 2004, but those two changes saw like tens of thousands of people quitting instantly.

  3. I was much in love with how it was pre-NGE system wise, they should have improved on it and fix the bugs and add content instead of wasting time on a WOW class style system. Sadly they never listened to anything we said and it was the real problem, no communication and straight out insults were dished at us when they sent words from above.

  4. I was going to comment on just how awful SOE was, and then you touched on the nerd rage bit. Sums it up pretty well. I was thankful Sony sold the company, but it seems Daybreak is just fucking things up in an entirely different fashion.

    We had a few fun names on my EQ server: Fuvi who was later Fusoe, and a Halfer named Bleep N'verant, then later Bleep N'soe

  5. NO for me the CU was fucked up becuase i busted my ass getting to were i was i was making droids left and right i grinded that stuff and that took time. Why should you have to be any level to wear armor its stupid. Or profession. Its an object it doesnt care what its on. It sadly killed the game for me i was in a guild with other people out in the middle of no were but after i could no longer get to my miners. There wasnt a point to play. I like crafting.

  6. Years of betrayal by a few fucking idiots. then by lucas himself when he sold lucas arts. this series is cursed at least per Lucas's and disneys decisions.And heres the reason as you explained that people shouldn't put much stock into mmos's  – because at any time some soulless entity and of douche bags can pull a Disney-infinity and make some retarded decision and damn years of peoples money and time by a mere off-switch – and players and their dollar have nowhere to turn to, they've invested in an online stock market.. essentially who are left fucked in every sense of the word while the company execs get to part ways with loads of cash. what a joke mmo's in those peoples hands are..

  7. man i liked when it was boring and i could wear my plasteel armor and it would protect me i was rich. Then the next day i couldnt wear my armor so if i went by something in a speeder a creature would stop you and then attack then with no good armor because im just a engineers means im dead.

  8. not sure if this was talked about but in the beginning there were NO MOUNTS. those came along later and at first those were just animals, the bikes and speeders came along months later. lol I remember this game all to well. it literally killed my PC by over heating the graphics card I had at the time.

  9. I guarantee some stupid executives tried to rush this out way to soon, it could have been amazing but they never polished it and tested it enough before they put it out, the additions later only angered existing players or confused new players, a classic example of haste makes waste

  10. There was a beta period for the NGE, I was in it and we gave a ton of feedback that was 100% ignored. Granted the beta for the NGE was only run for about 30 days before release, but there was zero QA input from the customer side taken into account.

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