Star Wars Episode 8 & Star Wars Episode 9 Leaked Scenes Of General Leia (Descriptions)

Thanks to insiders who told thehollywoodreporter we have learned of some basic descriptions of some scenes for Carrie fisher playing General Leia in Star Wars Episode 8 (Star Wars Episode VIII) and Star Wars Episode 9 (Star Wars Episode IX). It has also been said that the director of star wars episode 9 is heading down to L.A to discuss options of whats to come for Leia as a character in Star Wars Episode 9 and if Star Wars Episode 8 should now be altered or not. Her two scenes had to do with Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker.



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40 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 8 & Star Wars Episode 9 Leaked Scenes Of General Leia (Descriptions)”

  1. I guess the key question is how big a role was Leia to play in Episode 9. The 2 scenes Mike referred to were to both be in episode 9 and that Leia was to play an even bigger part in that film, or so the rumor I heard goes. I am assuming at this point that Episode VIII is in post production since its due out next year(Correct me if I am wrong). If Leia lives through episode VIII I don't see how they could just write her out of episode IX. Such is the ever present danger of rumors. Hoefully the powers that be will help get things cleared up fairly soon.

  2. It's a shame J.J took an opportunity we thought we'd never have, seeing Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, and the droids all together again, and threw it away. Forever now. such a waste, and makes me hate TFA. 8 and 9 are already doomed for me.

  3. They should leave 8 alone and start episode 10 with Princess Leia's funeral, put the cause of her death in the opening scroll. AND I would hope that Disney ends 9 like the endings of Game of Thrones or Westworld where you think you have closure, but 15 minuets later you learn about this horrible, awful power that makes the enemy you defeated or the evil you overcame seem minuscule, then end scene…for episode 10 (only new cast at this point…).

  4. Let Leia leave us in a positive manner. Do not kill her off, use computer graphics to let her bowl out positively. I would accept a new actor to complete the rule. Or an accident that causes facial damage and surgery supplies a new face, that is the way to go.

  5. da li zaista verujete da je Carrie otisla secate se da su izmislili zlu glupost pre 10 godina da je Mark Hamill poginuo u Irskoj snimajuci zadnju scenu u Star Wars 7 hvala SILI to nije bila istina ali neki su toliko duboko patili zbog toga SVET u kome zivite zasniva se na lazi interneta neproverenih informacija i podlosti zlih ljudi CRNO SUNCE DOLAZI U ERI LAZI DANILO >43 ,27 procitajte BIBLIJSKI KOD i sve ce vam biti jasno matematicki provereni kod o vremenu koje dolazi o ZLU koje nastupa slusajte i dalje neistine i zivite u mraku buduceg matrixa gde ziove ljude sahranjuju jer nece da se povinuju korporacijskim masinama svet uopste nije onakav kakvim ga pokazuju u informacijama PROBUDITE SE I SAGLEDAJTE VEC JEDNOM ISTINU U OCI JER KADA POSTANETE MASINE KORPORACIJA VEC CE BITI KASNO PRETVARAJU VAS U ROBLJE A DA TOGA NISTE NI SVESNI PREKO KOJEKAKVIH SUPER KARTICA KOJKE VAM OBEZBEDJUJU NAVODNE POVOLJNOSTI PRILIKOM KUPOVINE SAZNAJU SVE O VAMA VASIM NAJBLIZIMA UNISTAVAJU VAM POSLOVE ZIVOT A ONDA STE PRIMORANI DA RADITE ZA BEDU UPRAVO ZA TE KOJI SU VAM I DAVALI KARTICE A AKO SE POBUNITE PROGLASE VAS MRTVIM BRISU PODATKE O VAMA O SVEMU STO VI JESTE I >>>>>>>>STA MISLITE ZASTO JE TAKO PUNO KLOSARA U SVETU -PODIGNITE SE MRTVI BAS KAO STO I U BIBLIJI PISE MRTVI NISU NIKAKVI ZOPMBIJI VEC UNISTENI LJUDI KOJKIMA SU UZETA SVA PRAVA ZIVOG BICA ZARAD PROFITA POJEDINCA BUDITE SIGURNI DA JE NASA DRAGA PRINCEZAQ ZIVA I ZDRAVA RICE OF REVULUCION

  6. I read somewhere, General Leias character is injured in Ep 8.
    So if that's the case, Ep 8 wouldn't need changed at all, and she could easily be written out of Ep 9.
    Either way, I personally do not see them changing Ep 8 from what they already have. It would be an insult to Carrie, and her last works, and to her character.
    Any change we see, will not come until Ep 9.

  7. The idea of the Skywalker reunion being dragged out to episode 9 does not seem right. Surely Luke would immediately sense and presume that he was needed as soon as he found out Solo was killed by Kylo Ren and is on the assault with Snoke. And also since Kylo Ren was trained by Luke he would be obliged to immediately respond in taking him down since literally threatening his family and friends. If this is going to be a 2 part movie like Hunger Games – Mockingjay, then it is going to be a great disappointment ! (like Donald Trump is going to be/already is)

  8. Does matter, I and very sorry to see such an awesome actor from the series go. But ILM has the leading technology to reproduce her likeness. They are one of the few companies pushing this, it was done with Paul Walker also. Check youtube the video is all over on how they pulled it off. It might cost Disney a pretty penny but they can't just write the General out she was one of the original founding actors.

  9. My guess is that Princess/General Leia would meet Kylo Ren and leave that meeting as a heartbroken and devastated mom, which eventually leads her to death. That could be quite logical and probably ease writers' hands in Ep 9.
    On the other hand CGI scenes can be another way. But for me, it wouldn't make much sense to have a character in a leading role to be played by another actress throughout an entire episode..
    As for Rey, she should definitely be the offspring of Luke and Mara ("Mara Jade" as those hardcore fans will know who she is !!). And as a the daughter of a great Jedi and a cunning Sith, she's probably going to be the one, in the so-called Jedi prophecy "That brings balance to the Force" ;)

  10. I think they leave episode VIII as is then explain what happened to Leia in the scroll at the opening of episode IX. Not exactly what I want but the most logical way to solve a real life tragedy. Maybe kill her off in a large space ship explosion as she's going to meet Kylo Ren, using this event to further turn Kylo Ren back to the good side of the force, maybe turning Luke Skywalker towards the dark side, as he seeks vengeance for the death of his sister then in his rage he kills Snoke and is preparing to kill Kylo (now good) and with Rays help stop Luke from going full dark, he throws his lightsaber down and once again says I am a Jedi like my father, my nephew, and my daughter. Gosh I should write for Lucas and Disney. Copyright claimed.

  11. I am sure I am going to be the minority here, but hear me out. I hope they do not change anything because Carrie Fisher died. Carrie Fisher died, that does not mean that Princess Leia has to die as well. The role should be recast to someone that looks well enough like her to finish Princess Leia's role in Star Wars. We can all agree that we would rather see Carrie Fisher there, but sadly that cannot happen. No one will ever think that [ACTRESS] is now Princess Leia, as Carrie Fisher will always be her. But in my opinion it would be a travesty if Princess Leia is killed in some back story, or a silly CGI face finishes a small part of the movie to simply write the character off. Princess Leia help set in motion the events that allowed the Rebellion to triumph over the Empire, and I am sure it was her destiny to help the Resistance to overthrow the First Order. I doubt that Carrie Fisher would want Princess Leia's story to end because she died. I am sure that she would rather have someone else finish Leia's legacy for her. I hope they do not change anything in the VIII or IX, I believe if they did it would be a discredit to both Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia.

  12. I'm fine with a CGI Leia. I really do want a reconnection between Luke & Leia. And on from there, in IX, continuing with CGI Leia, or a lookalike, maybe adding some cgi to get her to look even more like her. But, please, please don't write her out too quickly (or at all), just because Carrie Fisher is gone. I love the Skywalker twins. They are my fav pair, other than 3PO-Artoo, & Han-Chewie.

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