Star Wars Episode 8 (VIII) Kenobi Lightsaber & Skywalker Lightsaber Duel?

Today me and ChrisCrossMedia dive into a very interesting Star Wars Episode 8 theory (Star Wars Episode VIII). This has to do with Kylo Ren, Obi Wan Kenobi, Rey and Anakin Skywalker. But more importantly it has to do with the Kenobi Lightsaber and the Skywalker lightsaber! It also has to do with both battles of Anakin vs Obi Wan Kenobi and Kylo Ren vs Rey.



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32 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 8 (VIII) Kenobi Lightsaber & Skywalker Lightsaber Duel?”

  1. All those speculations are really great and the make a lot of sence…….think that every Jedi and Sith had to create their own lightsabers… every lightsaber has its master and reflects his special abilities as a Jedi or a Sith. So every lightsaber reacts in a certain matter when its being touched by another being that it is force sensitive

  2. It would be cool to see a huge collection of Light Sabers in the castle, not too keen on Kylo using it, but there are any number of possibilities that we all can't wait to see. All I know is that everything should get better and better, given how well Rogue One came out.

  3. Question: Wouldn't Obi-Wan's Force ghost look like Alec Guiness and not Ewan McGregor because Obi-wan's Force ghost in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi was played by Alec Guiness. Perhaps facial CGI could be used like they used it for Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One.

  4. I hope that Rey has her own lightsaber in VIII. Or, it would be pretty sick if Luke says something like "That lightsaber belonged to my father, it was then given to me. This lightsaber belonged to your great grandfather, and now it belongs to you." And Luke hands Obiwan's lightsaber to Rey. However, I do not think this will the case, as I do not think that Rey is a Kenobi (or a Skywalker for that matter).

  5. Hi Mike,

    You are correct on how Disney is doing a build-up from Rebels/ Rogue One/to Episode 8. First off, since first viewing Episode 7, I had already suspected Rey to be the grand-daughter of Kenobi, it all made sense. But getting to there, to what the final story actually is, well that's the fun part.Every bit of it planned out, every piece of media, provoking you to become a Star Wars Sherlock Holmes, lol I mean the hype behind Rey's origins, and the hype about Snoke, all being mysterious = many many dollars, and actually good story telling. Rebels has been giving us pieces of a backstory, since Sabine was introduced ( I'm going along with the rumor, that she is Obi-Wan's daughter, she is the mother of Rey), I think the re-introduction of the "Blacksaber" seals it, plus Kenobi showing up in Rebels, this season. This story was introduced in Mandoloria, during the Clone Wars show. I thought Kenobi's mate would be someone else, but with the "Blacksaber" re-introduced, last Rebels episode, it makes sense. Sabine is a huge part of this, I think she will be tied also to the beginning of the mysterious "Knights of Ren", where Ezra plays a role, (Ezra may be Rey's father.)

    Yoda, Bail Organa, and Obi-wan, might have (common sense implied here, lol)
    realized, that no 2 remaining force-sensitive children could've destroyed the Sith and Empire, maybe Yoda instructed Obi-Wan to have a mate, or maybe the pregnancy was hidden by his mate (honestly I forgot her name, ya know the Senator , I think, from Mandoloria)…..a serious contigency to destroy the Empire and Sith, would rely on an uprising coalition, and all the force fire power the remaining Jedi could muster, Kenobi having a child, rather on all the remaining Jedi having children would be a MUST!

    Plus, think about, Anakin's children could have proved to be unstable, and prone to the Darkside, I mean there's a good chance that could've happened, the redemption of Anakin Skywalker could've gone a different way. A definite back-up plan would be needed.

  6. Rey's parentage could determine the irony & poetry of any future lightsaber duel. If she's revealed to be Luke's daughter, & if Kylo gets a hold of Darth Vader's saber, their battle would represent the dark & light sides of the Skywalker family. If she turns out to be a Kenobi descendant, & HIS saber is somehow involved, it'll make several fans a bit teary & reminiscent.

  7. What about Luke Vs. Kylo Ren (with Vader's lightsaber) as a callback to Return of the Jedi, like how Rey Vs. Kylo Ren was a callback to The Empire Strikes Back? I mean, Rey is Luke's daughter, The Force Awakens has much homage to the Original Trilogy, Luke Vs. Ren would be an AMAZING homeage!!

  8. It would be cool for hardcore Star Wars fans, but I don't see this happening on main films because the Kenobi lightsaber is not as legendary as the Skywalker one is for the entire saga. Maybe in the filling comics they do something about it. However, Obi-wan might be present in the future, somehow, but not his lightsaber per se. Darth Vader's lightsaber, on the other hand… maybe. Just my thoughts on this topic :)

  9. I think it would cooler if Rey duel wielded the Anakin blue saber and the obi one blue light saber, and Kilo duel wielded his own and the Darth Vader red lightsaber! And if Luke has his own Green and the yoda's short green light saber much like a katana and a wakizashi!

  10. I like you're idea guys but I think Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo visiting Vadar's palace and finding Kenobis light saber to have a force vision of Anakins turn and the final battle would be epic. After seeing his grandfather through old visions of Obi Wan and how the dark side twisted him we could see his return to the light or maybe fuel him further to the dark seeing everyone's actions as betrayal and then having Kylo force Obi WANs light saber to bleed and become a red light saber !!

    I posted a comment on the "two hands" video made for Luke., but his got me thinking about that brief moment in Rey's vision. Many people have noticed Ren potentially holding another light saber in his left hand….Obi wan's light saber???

  12. I would like to know the whereabouts to all the missing famous sabers. Mace Windu's saber has speculation as well as Qui Gon's. But there are still many Sabers that are still M.I.A. With the appearance of the Skywalker saber it opens many doors.

  13. Ironically, Kylo is in possession of Kenobi's saber as in the force vision Rey has it's clear that Kylo is holding another lightsaber in his left hand as it seems like he sees Rey in the vision he's having from Obi Wan's lightsaber as after picks it up, he sees the young Rey with Simon Pegg watching her and then he sees adult Rey in the scene with KOR(Knights of Ren) and they see each other in the snow on the place they fight later on and I feel as anticlimactic as this sounds, Kylo might wish to trade Rey Anakin's saber for Obi Wan's saber then they can give Rey her grandfather's pose from the PT and TCW with Anakin and Obi Wan's spirits both watching this duel where it could give us more jokes between Ani and Obi where Obi would remark 'he reminds me of you Anakin,' Anakin would remark back 'well, she learns from the best doesn't she right Obi Wan?'

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