Today, we are interviewing Mr. Clarence Khoh, Director of Talent-Merge Pte Ltd. Talent-Merge is a young executive search company in Singapore that  specialized in placing Mid to senior positions in marine, offshore & onshore positions.

Mr. Clarence Khoh, who was in IT industry for 2 ½ years doing software sales and another 11 years in the marine, oil and gas industry and most recently with Imtech Marine Pte Ltd (now called Radio Holland Singapore). His vast experience in marine, oil and gas industry is a force to reckon with in the executive search industry.

His passion in helping people and providing definite solutions to his clients had made him decided to venture in the executive search business where he can interact with people which he loves to do and during the years there are a number of people who were asking him for jobs opportunities and also at the same time various clients asking him to refer candidates to them.

So the trigger point where his passion on helping people “exploded” and from there on, he never look back and started the firm, Talent-Merge Pte Ltd.

Understanding that there are many agencies in the market, his in-depth knowledge of the marine, oil and gas industry helps in great length, his speciality in the positions in Superintendent, operations, purchasers, managers, QHSE, Sales, business development, customer support manager, etc, allows him to position his executive search service differently from the rest of the competitors.

Some established recruitment firms, which he quoted,although they are large, however, the consultants hired may not have the right industry experience as not all consultants come from same industry and most are not from the  marine, oil and gas industry. They may not be able to understand the technical lingo of the industry itself when they are talking to a client who are in marine, oil and gas industry.

He is able to ask the right questions to the clients and base on that, he is able to filter and narrow down suitable candidates with his industry knowledge.

When candidates of the marine, oil and gas are asking more in-depth information about the job descriptions, job scope and industry details, some of the consultants in big executive search firm are not able to furnish, it can be due to either they are not familiar with job description or they are not able to provide the relevant information simply because it is too in-depth.

That is how he differentiate Talent-Merge compared to the rest of the other competitors.

His ability to service his client is based on speed and he is able to use the existing database of candidates, source and provide 3-5 potential candidates for his client within 3 working days.

From the interview, he also revealed that in the marine, oil and gas industry, there will be a consistent lack of people because of the tighter labour conditions from the Singapore government. He also mentioned that every year, there are about 300 students joining Singapore Maritime Academy in Singapore Polytechnic, about 60 students in Nautical Studies, 140 students in Maritime Business and 100 students in Marine Engineering. Only 1/3 of students in maritime engineering will become seafarers, hence there will be a distinct lack of manpower in the industry in the long run.

Further down the road, he also mentioned that his firm,Talent-Merge Pte Ltd will be heading towards new verticals which include Cyber security, IT, Fintech, Transport (Marine, Rail automation,Logistics) and Healthcare.

He believes that during this challenging time, excellent service is the key differentiator in the executive search industry, one must be able to give a good level of service and provide one-stop solution to the clients for continuous business.

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