Answering ‘Tell me about yourself’ in a job interview – Job interviews in English

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Comment répondre à “Tell me about yourself” dans un entretien d’embauche en anglais?

C’est souvent le premier sujet de discussion, alors il ne faut pas le rater !

Cet épisode te montre comment impressionner le recruteur à la fois avec votre niveau d’anglais et le contenu de votre réponse.

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43 thoughts on “Answering ‘Tell me about yourself’ in a job interview – Job interviews in English”

  1. Hi there, just discovered your channel through Vicki Hollett. I love your style and the way that you subtitle the tricky parts with text in French (my focus is German speakers but a very transferable approach) I loved the animation thought bubble too, cute!

  2. I will use it in my Pre-Intermediate English course. However, I must admit the examples sound boring. You could redo it showing how to phrase things in a more oral way. That's what learners of English need. Your examples read as texts, not as presentations.

  3. hi madam….I am kichu from India… I subscribed your channel because to improve my communication skills in English… when I talk with someone in English there is some starting trouble will occurred… so I can't end up with smoothly… but I will try my best…

  4. Gotta say though, the idea of telling a story is a bit clever. Not that I actually tried it yet, but I can see how someone who is good at telling stories might have an advantage there.

    But what if the only job experience that you have is doing volunteer work at High School?

  5. Hy Cristina
    This video was really very good for interview
    I need your help for my career develop
    Next week I have a interview
    I'm promoting on same company as a manager.
    currently where I'm working
    And it's a fast food restaurant
    So please can you give me some tips or example to be selected for my new position

  6. I am Paul a fresh graduate from University of Negros Occidental Recoletos took up B.S Psychology. I was a scholar of Japanese Nun Instution, I was able to exposed in a different tasks such as; facilitating, imparting skills, lectures and teaching moral values. That helped who I am today, I don't know but this is how I successful I was

  7. Miss Christina, I was so impressed about what youve shared with us. I am a fresh graduate and I want to get a job at this moment, but the problem is that I'm not good in English, Rather the usage of the words , I get tounged tied, If someones ask me.

  8. Absolutely terrible examples. This is how someone who has no idea what the company / HR wants to get out of this question imagines this should be done.
    You need to get a lot more specific than this, you have to list specific experiences, specific examples, specific achievements, specific goals, and specific reasons why you want to work for this company. Nobody is interested in your childhood, especially not if your story is just "I wanted to work in a big company".

  9. I grew up in Taipei City in Taiwan . When I finished college I knew what I wanted to do . I wanted to study in the U.S. and that was it . So I enrolled in a M.A. TESOL program at Eastern Michigan University .
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    The message of this program convinced me to take action . It helped me to arrive where I am now . That's why I'm very excited about the possibility to work with you . I'd love to help my English learners with new approaches and make their lives easier . The right mindset with the right way can make a HUGE difference . And I am eager to be a part of it . Thank you .

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  11. Hi Christi more Greece to your elbow, tnk u so much for your wonderful education please my question is I want to be flight attendant and I want to go for interview next year and need your advice and guid line to make it through. My email pls help me because is my dream job. You can reply me hear or privately no problem. Tank you.

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