In this Video, Ms. Chitrangi Sharma, Asst. Professor, Biyani Group of Colleges is explaining how to answer one of the most frequently asked questions during the interview “Tell me something about yourself. Here are Some interview tips to answer this question in an effective way.

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  1. All these information are stated in your resume, interviewer not to look for these information. Just introduce your self , e.g name and where you're come from..then tell about your personality. You're hardworking, innovative, passionate in what you do, organized people and etc. Tell what are not stated in resume. It will get interviewer attention and interest.

    You might do personality test to understand yourself. There are many personality test available online (Karl & Jung Personality Test). By answering a bunch of personality question, they will summarize what the type of person you are. What job suit for you.

    In your portfolio, please arrange your documents in this arrangement : PEAKS
    P – Personality Test Result (From Personality Test taken)
    E – Experiences (if Fresh graduate, use your industrial training cert or equivalent)
    A – Achievement (your achievement in college or university , Dean award, winner in competition, etc)
    K – Knowledge (your academic cert, diploma,degree and etc.)
    S – Skills (your training certs, professional certs and etc)

  2. Good video for guiding naive and new learners..but the feedback is I agree with Mr. Thompson to some extend as in order to describe regular actions and activities, simple present is used NOT present continuous Example: I work.. NOT I am working.. which is normally used by we Indians and it's a clear overlapping of our mother tongue.

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