1. Lee Clayton

    Hi, thanks for the advice. Could you add some 'role-play' style examples to watch in real time? These could be really useful – and how to deliver, body language etc? (with examples)

  2. Vivek Singh

    TMAY is the best opportunity to showcase you. My way is, get the job description you applied 75% + 25% of real work experience. You should be good. Make sure to have scenarios, stories ready to share, if asked.

  3. Sandy Gee

    Thank you for this helpful video! Do you have any recommendation on how to present your previous work experience if it is not relevant to the possition you are applying for?
    ex: a cleaning job or shipping cleck who want to apply for an administrative position or a manager position. TY

  4. Gregory Scott

    Thanks Hira. I watched many of your "Interview Question" videos and incorporated some of the ideas into my resume, cover letter and introduction video. I now have an interview with a company that I would really like to work for.

  5. Ivo Mofor

    thank you. but i think introducing your education, accomplishments and any work experience will be much better than self introduction at first.. just saying

  6. siva rao

    Thank u Careerly for your videos. U r presentation makes me in learning a lot and helpful.
    Videos of urs makes a good impact for a person who is looking for a good career.

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