1. Wow I wish you could coach me for my interview on the 31st…. I'm scared! I have only had 1 professional interview before in my life (I tend to get into jobs through knowing people!) and it's a pretty serious position. My approach will be just to tell them the personal side of myself… My life story: where I was born, grew up, what I like to do in my spare time, my hobbies etc… I just think this worked last time as a really good relaxing opener without trying to sell myself. I was told by a recruiter: "I have the qualifications and personal statement in front of me. I want to know the person at interview" so that's why I won't tell them what kind of employee I'll be with this particular question. Only show them my personality. Wish me luck!!! P.s. you are gorgeous and your tan is lovely!

  2. Hi Aimee, great video. Thanks so much. What do you think about responding to this interview question with, "I’m happy to take you through my background. Would it be possible for you to tell me exactly what it is that you are looking for so I can make sure my answers are relevant?"

  3. Hmm, this can be a tricky one. I unfortunately for some reason, didn't get that phone call Friday evening for a trial and this I remember speaking a little bit about what sort of a guy I am (i.e. a family orientated simple guy), what my interests were (briefly(touched a little bit on football!)), and what I've done by pointing to the facts stipulated on my CV.

    This to me is the ice'breaker and as well as relaying this, it's how you go about your delivery too. Very good and crucial point on 'owning' it. I think it is about being composed and I always say be yourself and keep it upbeat and not be afraid to inject a bit of humour (mildly).

     You do have to ensure that you hit you main points in your background, where you are, and where you want to be – very much describing your Profile off your CV. I don't think it is ambiguous as long as you ultimately remember that you are there in a work-related setting and not out there on a date!

    I've just sort of advised myself yet, still don't know why I didn't get that phone call.

  4. Hi Aimiee – does it look bad if you take notes into an interview with you to keep track of what you're saying? Sometimes, during interviews i loose track of what i've already told the interviewer and have a tendency to repeat myself..or, just due to nerves, i forget what to say. Is having note cards with you during an interview a deal breaker…..? Thanks

  5. Thank you for your videos. I have an interview for my first "real" job, tomorrow and am feeling a little nervous.I am a college student and I have an opportunity to interview for a prn admin. assistant for a rehab center. It is completely different than anything I've done before, but I feel confident! Your videos have helped me gain an idea of what questions to expect and to feel a little more at ease.

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