The Market Tumours In the Recruitment Industry (The Basics).


It is a deadly process in the recruitment and headhunting industry, and clients and candidates exploit the process so much so that the agents are usually at their mercy. With this market tumour, the agent will spend plenty of time working on the job orders, but eventually it will not be fruitful and will be a total waste of time.

Let us explore a specific example and see how this can affect ALL recruitment agencies and headhunters.

Client XYZ Pte. Ltd. gave you the assignment after a meeting and after several conversations and emails. You worked on it, placing many advertisements on the Internet, placing some paid ads in the newspapers, etc.

You managed to get some positive responses, and you filtered the resumes/CVs you received. After hours of filtering, you interviewed a couple of candidates and decided that two of the candidates were very suitable.

You sent the candidates’ CVs to Client XYZ.

One day passed, with no reply from the client. Three days gone, no reply. You decided to call the company.

“Good Morning, Mr. XYZ. I sent you the CVs for two potential candidates; did you get them?

Mr. XYZ: “Oh yes, indeed, I received them. Thank you so much. I am so busy that I have not had the chance to look at them. Give me a few more days, and I will get back to you.”

A few days later, you received an email from XYZ saying that, with regards to the position above, they would like to inform you that the position has already been filled, but thank you for your time in assisting the search…

OH MY!!!!!

You spent many days posting hundreds of advertisements…

Spent hundreds of dollars on the newspaper ads…

Spent hours filtering CVs.

Spent your time interviewing candidates….

The Result = “thank you for your time in assisting the search…”

Do you really know what is happening behind the scenes to cause such results? YOU WILL BE SURPRISED what really happens….

THE FACTS: Company XYZ has “delegated” the job assignment to 20 or even 50 recruitment agencies (psst…don’t tell other people), and you are ONE OF THEM! They have also advertised themselves, and they don’t have to give you the exclusive deal.

They may also have hired someone from within the same company. Well, the list goes on and on. Are you getting the basics of the Market Tumour? Hang on—this is NOT the real Market Tumour. We are only touching the tip of the iceberg! There are three levels in this Tumour, and we are only touching on the 1st level. Read on at Financial Success in Recruitment Industry.

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