Alicia Keys Speech at “Women’s March” In Washington DC




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14 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Speech at “Women’s March” In Washington DC”

  1. Oh wait a minute!  So now "women's rights" will be violated by Trump and his cabinet?  Are you women fearing the removal of Food Stamps, Section8, Government Assistance, Margret Sanger's PlannedParent "kill negro children in hoods", Independent Women's Feminism, oh and don't let me forget the Jewish movement of the LBGT plague that's destroying our family units!  We march with a cause of vain philosophy, caught up by reality TV, and hate music in our children's MP3s!  We accept gifts that sound beautiful to the ear, still we're afflicted for 400 yrs!  The woman has forgot about God's plan, the government has been her surrogate man!  To all "women", who march to the beat of your Willie Lynch, he will not save you when the Messiah ascends!  Get your bibles out and repent, because the 1/3 of us Israelites will have this KINGDON; owned by your "surrogate husbands"….AGAIN!  1000 yrs SHALOM J Judah

  2. What are these protests? And where burning tires? Where are the catapults? Where are the morons on tractors crushing police? Where a sniper shooting in indiscriminately? TAKE A LESSON FROM THE UKRAINIANS!!! THAT WAS WHERE THE PROTEST!!!
    As you do so, kindergarten…
    P.S. However they are after that their country fucked, but fun rode for democracy.

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