C-Marketing Overview at the Recruitment Apprentice

How many of you, working as a recruitment consultant would like to have over 1,000 clients under your wing where you can have thousands of real and valid job orders every month?

The scenario above for most recruitment consultants seems to be very far fetch simply because they have not seen anything like this before, imagine what will happen if you ALONE are handing over 1,000 clients? Will it change your life? Your business and your sales? YOU BET!

When I was training the group of consultants in the training program – Recruitment Apprentice in the year 2010, I showed the consultants that by simply using C-Marketing, you will create a potent system that will generate the following results:

1)      Reduce the 360 recruiting process by at least 50%.

2)      Close the sales almost immediately, in-fact your percentage is almost 100%.

3)      You will close not just ONE case once C-Marketing is activated. In fact, it can be even 3 cases at one time.

4)      You will automatically generate about 30-50 new job orders without even asking for it within the next 3 days.

It took me 2 full days to explain the whole concept of C-Marketing as it was very in-depth and detailed, at the end of the training program, one of the consultants told me: She had never seen such things before and was so amazed on how effective it is. I think the word is called “SHREWD”! The way the current system are working is so outdated and with the current system, closing 2-3 cases per month is consider to be “lucky.” But with C-Marketing, closing 2-3 cases per month is simply too easy!
I saw her eyes wide open and her jaws almost dropped after I further explained the “secret” on C-Marketing which was never written in the power point slide. The whole class was totally shocked and overwhelmed….. I intentionally save the very best of the training at the last hour of the program where everyone in the class was totally shocked, amazed and awaked, I love the way they look when they see something some shocking….

At the end of the lesson, my finishing sentence is this – All of you are equipped with the best weapon in the recruitment industry, this weapon is original and somehow other people tried to copy what I was doing but totally failed because they never know the secret behind it, all of you know the secret of C-Marketing, I urged you to do this:

“Use this weapon well and really use it, be friend with it and remember, you will face plenty of hurdles during the process but never give up. It is something new and you will get use to it after a few rounds. Real success comes to people who use the best weapon and consistently use them without fail.”

The rest were history as many of them are earning very good income or are already a boss of a recruitment company…..

You can download the Recruitment Apprentice powerpoint slide over here…RcA Training Slide 23-24 June 2010
Dougles Chan is the author of Financial Success in Recruitment IndustryRecruitment Consultant Winning Formula & Job Seeker Power Manual. He is the advisor for his clients who want to push their company or agency to a higher level. He mentors and trains individual to personal success in recruitment business. He can be contacted at @ (65) 93880851 or email to dc@dougleschan.com
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