Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech – Full Speech

Donald John Trump addresses the nation after taking the oath of office as the 45th President of The United States.




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42 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech – Full Speech”

  1. Not bad as political speeches go.
    I am glad Trump is more about action than speeches. I will be more impressed when I see his speech put to action. It is going to be an interesting four years — and the media will be there to lie about and misrepresent this administration every step of the way.
    Cant wait!

  2. the thing that worries me the most is how "radical Islamic terrorism" will be opposed. how do they plan to correctly identify the extremists? It's going to be Vietnam all over again, the enemy will just hide among the innocent and wait to strike, and when that happens perfectly blameless souls will be victimized :(

  3. I love how he's not even a week into being president and this fucker is lying about the size of his attendance crowds. All evidence points to it being less than half of what Obama got even for his second term. He even used a picture from Obama's inauguration on Twitter but had to take it down once people noticed! Trump is biggest lying sack of shit I have ever seen in my life.

  4. Walmart USED to say ''all your favorite brands made in America'……now, Trump could BUY Walmart, rename it TRUMPMART…and, what? raise the minimum wage in his new American factories, so his workers can afford to BUY his MAGA hats, as well as Ivanka and Melania's rip-off shoes and trinkets…how's that?

  5. United States of Autism citizens,rather called Ameritards(kinda failed combintion of Libtard and American,but forgive me please) are complaining that this is their new president and that he is corrupt,evil and all of that shit? Let me tell you one thing. I live in country with no future. I am 19 yo student and I am trying to get the hell out of my country because of its leaders. Corrupted,controlled by other more influencing goverments and stealing from the Country budget like its their own. And not to mention everything is controlled by mafia. And you all soft shits find ways to hate THIS man? How dare you? He is as close as possible you had in last 8 years as PRESIDENT. At least,for this speech that he said. Now how about you all shut the fuck up and forgive him for all bad things(which are not even compared to what Clintons did,but you would be alright with her being president,right?) and let this man do what he promised? He is your president now,and you cant change it. If you cant accept it you are just a pussy-spoiled softies whose parents have money and finance you with your shitty iPhones while you never lifted anything harded then a fucking spoon!

  6. EMERGENCY NEWS BROADCAST FROM WASHINGTON DC after dark- Looting and rioting over TRUMP being racist. You can see TVS,KFC buckets etc floating mid air across roof tops and thru the trees but nothing else….Ghost?

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