In this news episode I talk about an image leak that just surfaced for Rave In the Redwoods, Rave In the Redwoods live game play live stream tomorrow, ciphers that recently got solved in the Zombies Comic and a mysterious image in Zombies In Spaceland that is unanswered.

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  1. Regards to the star dj, if they have replaced the dj and there is still a dj booth in rave in the redwoods and they continue that throughout the Dlc season, maybe the final super Easter egg will require you to play with 4 players all using the 4 dj characters, like you need to complete the EE on zombies in space land to use that code to play as David hasselhoff, you may have to complete all the future EE to use codes to play as the future dj's 🙂 just a thought

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