Job Search : How to Write a CV for a Student

A CV, or curriculum vitae, is a resume that needs to be properly formatted and full of relevant information regarding experience, skills and references. Discover the importance of soft skills in a resume with help from a career counseling specialist in this free video on job searches and resumes.

Expert: Steve Baiter
Bio: Stephen Baiter, along with other career counseling specialists, helps to connect people with employment and job training opportunities at the EASTBAY Works One-Stop Career Center in Concord, Calif.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee




5 thoughts on “Job Search : How to Write a CV for a Student”

  1. When writing a CV as a student or recent graduate with not much job experience you need to show what skills and abilities you've learnt whilst studying, both practical and academic skills. E.g. writing business plans, academic essays, research, computer skills (be precise and say what programs you can use) etc. Add in any volunteer work you've done and if you've not done any then apply to do some.´╗┐

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