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How do some people function in life without a pop-up picture book?





  1. "The top 10 dumbest questions on YouTube Answers" lol.

    On a serious note, thank you for these videos – I feel you do an excellent job representing the human side of law enforcement and have made significant strides in breaking barriers between law enforcement and the general community

  2. hey dude I love you videos and this one was particularly hilarious. but there was one spot where you really made me mad when you said the Sun it was a ball of gas. the sun is not a ball of gas it is a ball of plasma. you see there is not three stages of matter there are four solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. plasma as in state of matter not to be confused with plasmas in blood two completely different things. you see plasma is when you take a gas and heated up to the point that the electrons actually begin to break apart.

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