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Dougles Chan is the top sought after Google SEO consultant in Singapore,  also known as the SEO Master Shifu with 15 years of SEO hands-on experience and author of 8 books. Currently, he provides top quality, result focused Google SEO consulting and SEO services to companies in Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, London, and UK.

He specialized in local and international SEO consulting and SEO services, he also does private SEO Coaching to individuals who are interested to venture into the SEO industry.

Regardless whether you are looking to optimized your website in Singapore ( or international (, or even wanted to be coach in SEO, he will be able to provide valuable advises and consultation on Google SEO matters.  He had SEO over 20,000+++ keywords and generate over millions of visitors to multiple websites locally and internationally. 

His Google SEO consulting ability had also created many businesses to generate millions of dollars of sales and profits in businesses such as IT, cloud computing, SAP, eCommerce, F&B, etc. 

Currently, he is also a BNI member in Singapore and an Ambassador for BNI in the Far East Region.

For expert SEO consulting, SEO services and SEO coaching, kindly reach out to Dougles Chan, SEO Master Shifu at dc or text (65) 93880851  

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, also commonly known as SEO, is an on-going process to make a website favorable in the eyes of Google so that the website will be ranked higher when Google users search for a set of specific keywords.   

Hence the better Google perceive that the website is naturally more relevant based on the set of specific keywords, the website will be ranked higher accordingly. The entire SEO process can be outsourced to a qualified and experienced SEO agency that provides SEO services to the website so that the entire SEO process will be natural. 

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What is SEO Consulting 

SEO Consulting is a process of a company engaging a third party SEO expert that gives them strategies on how to implement their SEO campaign in the long term. Usually, the SEO consultant should be of at least 10 years in the business of Google SEO and knows the latest trend in Google updates, understands the structure of the SEO process and the best and safest way to SEO a website. 

In the process of SEO consulting, the consultant itself will not be doing the SEO services, they will recommend vendors and third parties or assist in the recruitment of SEO executives or SEO assistants and they will be the one implementing the SEO process.

Basically, the SEO consultant works like an advisor, somethings can be a project manager too. 

The SEO consultant will meet with the client about every 2-4 weeks once and review and recommend steps to improve the SEO processes. 


Advanced SEO Tips

Hi, thank you for visiting my website –, a website specialized in sharing Google SEO tips for you to rank the first page in Google.

Having been doing Google SEO for almost 15 years already and had ranked over 20,000 keywords and ranked many top keywords in number 1 in Google Global (, Google Singapore ( and many other Google countries domain. 

I am glad to have brought millions of visitors per year to many of my websites and my clients’ websites. I will show some samples to you below:

Below I will share with your some advance SEO tips to rank #1 in Google that will be helpful to:

1) Long article – 1901 words or more to be exact.

In order to have a respectable ranking, your article on your website needs to have good content, having said that, it needs to be of plenty of substances and length.

There have been extensive research by my Singapore SEO team and apparently the total number of words within a page that you want to optimise need to have at least 1901 words.

Anything less than that will not be too respectable.  

2) Content marketing  – Using 19 as a reference

So you have great content, 1901 or more words on that page, and walah!

You are going to be ranked on the first page of Google.

Hold your horse, my friends.

Having 1901 words is only the first requirement, the next step you will need to use this ratio:

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