Branding & Marketing Consultant for Doctors & Specialists


Dougles Chan is the Branding & Marketing Consultant for Doctors and Medical Specialist such as Urologist, dermatologist, gynaecologist physiotherapist and orthopedic, etc. He also gives consultations to health and fitness industry for their marketing and branding campaigns and has been specialised in branding and marketing for over 25 years, with focus in SEO practice for almost 20 years in the market where many of the popular search terms had been ranked at the very top of Google search engines locally in Singapore and internationally.  Read more…



Dougles Chan With 3 Physiotherapists in Singapore, from left, Jaden Lim (Rehab & Beyond Pte Ltd), Chloe (Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre), Dougles Chan (10X Digital Marketing Pte Ltd), Michael Yan (Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre)

With Gina Chan – SGFitFam 

With Cindy Tan – Pain Relief Therapy 

With Charles Barton – Naturopath

Top 10 Branding & Marketing Tips for Doctors and Specialists

Here are some useful branding and marketing tips you to use to generate more patients in your industry…

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