10 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business

New to Pinterest? Want to know how it can generate more website traffic and business for your products and services? We will be writing a Pinterest article soon. Stay Tuned!

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What happen when you have 7,000 followers in Pinterest to Your account?

How do you leverage on the followers in Pinterest to create a brand, generate more sales and brand your website, We will be writing this article, check out soon in this page.

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Dougles Chan has been doing business and been using digital marketing for the last 25 years and managed over 50 websites in his portfolio and helped hundreds of clients locally and globally in creating an impactful web presence that generates leads and sales, growing his clients from a one-man enterprise

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Visual Impactful

A photo will attract more people compared to text. A picture is worth a thousand words.


With consistant branding with photos and visuals, your BRAND will get recongnised faster.

Targeted Traffics

You get the right kind of traffics and visitors to your website, resulting in higher conversions.

High Social Share

Pinterest allows easy sharing and making your photos and PINS easy sharable.

Viral Photos

Your photos can be shared so easily and it can become viral very easily compared to other platforms.

It Works

Importantly, it does generate the results of VERY GOOD Traffic and results in GOOD sales.

Our Pinterest Track Records

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Let me take the chance to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Thanks to your professional and experienced work on SEO for our clinic for the past 1 year, our clinic has received a…

Han Yao – CEO of Affordable Aircon Services

Dougles gave me advises on what kind of keywords I should use for SEO marketing and had helped me plan out my website flows to make it better for users to read my website….

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