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What is SEO?

Advantages of SEO


Job Opportunites after you learn SEO Skills 

Some of the job opportunities available are SEO Consultant, SEO manager, Business Development for SEO, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO director, SEO Marketing Manager and many more.

The demand for GOOD SEO personnel is very high as many the skills for SEO are always adding constantly and changing, many of the existing SEO skilled SEO marketer or engineers are outdated and because many of them are not updated. Hence, the supplies for good search engine optimizer are very limited, many of the better ones are usually being hired by the bigger boys that pay them big dollars.

Business Opportunites in SEO Singapore

If you do not like to work for people, you can even use the skills of SEO to create your own website and sell online globally, with the correct skills in search engine optimization, you will be able to rank very high in Google and generate a lot of inquiries for your product sales, you can even create a full e-commerce website such as Lazada, eBay, Amazon and sells online or even create a communities that sell products and services

The business opportunities for SEO is not limited to eCommerce, you can even sell almost any products or services, for example, if you are dealing physiotherapy business that has a clinic and looking for patients, you can even use the skills of SEO to generate “customers” for your clinic. Or even if you are a photographer or videographer, you will be able to create a website and optimized it to generate more clients for yourself. The opportunities are simply unlimited. 

SEO is not a Get Rich Quick Plan

Many believe that once you learn SEO, they will become rich overnight. That is so not true. As a professional SEO practitioner, I can share with you SEO is an extremely important and valuable skillset that one can have and yet you will need to combine with other skills and business aspects to be very successful. It is not a get rich quick scheme 

But one thing for sure is that once you learn the correct skills for SEO, you will have an unfair advantage compared to many others as you will have the ability to acquires an UNLIMITED number of leads and sales CONSISTANTLY without any other marketing channels. This is something that many businesses want and yet they are paying Facebook and Linkedin in their paid ads….

Who is Dougles Chan

Dougles Chan is the top Search Engine Optimizer in USA, UK and Singapore that specialized in Googles Search using authenticity as the focus to generate consistent leads every day for his clients all over the world.

With over 18 years SEO hands-on experience and author of 8 books. Some people called him the SEO Master Shifu (SEO 諸葛亮). as the best search engine optimizer, he had optimized over 20,000 keywords that brings millions of targeted website visitors that make millions of dollars for his clients.

Regardless of whether you are looking to optimize your website in Singapore (Google.com.sg) or international (Google.com),  he will be able to provide valuable advises and consultation on Google SEO matters.

His Google SEO consulting ability had also created many businesses to generate millions of dollars of sales and profits in businesses such as IT, cloud computing, SAP, eCommerce, F&B, etc.

Currently, he is also a BNI member in Singapore and an Ambassador for BNI in the Far East Region.

For professional SEO  , kindly reach out to Dougles Chan, SEO Master Shifu at dc @dougleschan.com or text (65) 93880851

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I followed your blog and teachings for acquiring new sales contacts and clients. I purchased the mail bomber and a few of your white papers as well. I’m happy to report today that I started a staffing company in August of 2015 and I generated $2.1 Million in sales in 2016. Thank you for your inspiration and tips.