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Dougles Chan has been doing business for the last 31 years and had been helping new and existing recruitment agencies, staffing agencies and headhunting companies owners to create and run a profitable agency. He also specialised in using digital marketing for the last 25 years and managed over 50 websites

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Testimonials from Clients

Jolyn Zheng

Dougles is one of the best digital marketing strategists in town. With years of consulting experience with businesses of different scales and types, Dougles provided great inputs and advises which are the invaluable sales…

Reymond Goh

Dougles demonstrates a deep knowledge of his field (SEO, Digital Marketing and many more) and a natural ability to share his experience in a pleasant and comprehensible manner. I was fortunate to be able…

Russell Liebowitz

I followed your blog and teachings for acquiring new sales contacts and clients. I purchased the mail bomber and a few of your white papers as well. I’m happy to report today that I…

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