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I had just graduated from university, with a degree in Design, majoring in Graphic Design. Next step was to land a good paying and favorable job. I did the norms like apply on job sites, head…

Shirley Lim

Fuss free would be the main key word for for me when I am looking for an employment agency; and at Douglas Chan, it’s more than fuss free … with the sincerity and correct…

Karen Lim

I believe that everyone goes through a duration of searching for the right work, whether alone or through a recruitment agency. Not realizing that there could be one out there who is actually bothered…

Kylie Yang

I have to say I’m very grateful for the opportunity Dougles has assisted me in, bringing my career to the next level and achieving greater exposure in the industry. His personalize service and attitude…

Lorraine Li

Dougles is well-equipped with excellent communication skill to work effectively with clients and customers from different type of industries. He is resourceful and well connected, having provided many job opportunities for his customers. Thank…

Jolyn Zheng

Dougles is one of the best digital marketing strategists in town. With years of consulting experience with businesses of different scales and types, Dougles provided great inputs and advises which are the invaluable sales…

Reymond Goh

Dougles demonstrates a deep knowledge of his field (SEO, Digital Marketing and many more) and a natural ability to share his experience in a pleasant and comprehensible manner. I was fortunate to be able…

Russell Liebowitz

I followed your blog and teachings for acquiring new sales contacts and clients. I purchased the mail bomber and a few of your white papers as well. I’m happy to report today that I…

Michael Yan

Let me take the chance to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Thanks to your professional and experienced work on SEO for our business for the past 1 year, our business has received a…

Han Yao

Dougles gave me advises on what kind of keywords I should use for SEO marketing and had helped me plan out my website flows to make it better for users to read my website….