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Russell Liebowitz

I followed your blog and teachings for acquiring new sales contacts and clients. I purchased the mail bomber and a few of your white papers as well. I'm happy to report today that I started a staffing company in August of 2015 and I generated $2.1 Million in sales in 2016. Thank you for your inspiration and tips.

Victor Teoh

Dougles has been an excellent social media partner for us. They delivered with professional aplomb and we will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

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Financial Success in Recruitment Industry. The first series of book written by Dougles Chan in the year 2006, updated in 2019. The book that changes how recruitment agencies do business.

Recruitment Consultant Winning Formula. The ultimate guide for recruitment consultant and recruiters to excel in their role as a 360 recruitment consultant. Written by Dougles Chan in 2008. Updated in 2019.